Waning Moon in Gemini


Gemini Moon Days – our feelings flicker and sparkle, perhaps a little capriciously. We can feel jumpy and irritable or just easily distracted and sociable…it can be hard to make headway as we are distracted with necessary social tasks; checking in with friends and colleagues and unscheduled catchups.

Because the moon is waning to darkness ahead of the New Moon in Leo on Friday it’s time to analyse the work of our New moon in Cancer journey.

The waning moon phase is the time to tie up the loose ends and reflect ready for the next Moon Phase. Now is time to talk, meet and network with others about this month’s discoveries. It’s a good time to check emails and messages have reached the right place and everyone is across it.

The sparkling, fractured Gemini energy is not suited to serious decision making. Now is time to analyse, reflect and look over the month’s experiences with a quick, expert eye – turn it all over with a little bit of curiosity and you might find a little, last piece you hadn’t considered yet. You don’t need to consider it too deeply just check everything is in place and get ready for the next Moon Phase on Friday.

♥ Asha Maria

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