The Lord of Love ~ The 2 of Cups

Venus is now in Cancer – we are more generous with our heart and want to spoil our beloveds with cuddles, time at home and tenderness. Romance isn’t fierce and mysterious right now, so much as nostalgic, familiar and comforting. Venus in Cancer is the designation given to the 2 of Cups. ♡ Asha Maria

the existential astrologer

2 cupsThe Lord of Love brings us sweetness,
lovely connection to others &
simple pleasure

2 Cups of sweetest water overflow – no bitterness has entered.
Water rushes forth in perfect balance, crystal clear and nourishing.
Flowing from the source of love (The Lotus – also the Ace of Cups),
Love is recognised and realised by the presence of the ‘other’ to receive it.

When this card arrives we know we are experiencing a period of heart-sweetness, peace and enjoyment.

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