New Moon in Leo – Joy & Triumph

new moon

The New Moon appears in the sign of the Lion this month, Mars changes sign and Jupiter has changed too. This is a month of active, warm and expansive energy  – interesting developments, confidence, optimism and things, finally, starting to move along.

The New Moon directs us to ourselves. Not so much how we take charge or assert ourselves (that’s Aries) but how we enjoy, promote and celebrate ourselves. Leo loves his Lion Beauty in a kind of child-like innocent way. This shining self-confidence is catching, Leo makes you feel golden just like him. Because he can celebrate himself so freely, he shows you how to celebrate yourself – without a hint of bashfulness or arrogance.

But how does that affect us for the next Moon Cycle? We go out strong to meet our emotional needs – but less likely to fall in a heap overwhelmed by the feeling. There is a sense of confidence – if you need to tackle any relationship matters head on, Venus in Cancer and Sun in Leo is a good combination. (It’s easier to be sensitive and considerate but confident). We don’t really want to stick the boot in but we do want to be heard. We’d rather smooth it over and keep everything pleasant than call it out and experience something unpleasant. So long as we are taken seriously and the appropriate dignity given to us!

This New Moon consider how you build your own confidence and support yourself to raise your station in life, materially and socially. It’s time to explore issues of generosity – how to give with open hands without being taken for a ride. Balancing play, children, and personal enjoyment with obligations to community, the bigger picture and  matters in the wider world are the themes of the Leo New Moon / Aquarius Full Moon. Are you getting enough time for play? How can you balance your social obligations with your need for selfish time? Are you being generous or self-sacrificing (and then resentful)? And how’s that working for you? How are crises in self-confidence holding you back from attaining your place in the world?   Write down your New Moon plan looking particularly at:

Confidence -Generosity – Pride & Dignity – Recognition – Courage – Play – Leisure – Time with Your Children 

Now….onto what else is happening right now:

Mars in Scorpio

FINALLY. After 5 and a half months, may as well be a year because it sure seems like it, Mars leaves bl**dy Libra and enters his sign – Scorpio. (Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, as the Mundane ruler, the other ruler of Scorpio is Pluto.) You may recall that frustrating stop-start, why the heck does this keep going sidewards,  feeling as you strive desperately to get something, anything done…things that should usually get fixed within a short period with a bit of action and bluster. In the sign of lovely Libra, Mars was the soldier forced to play diplomat. He was unhappy. (Read more about the Mars in Libra retro here if you need a refresher). In Scorpio he is in his element – decisive, intense and powerful. Striking at the heart of matters that have milled around for almost 6 months we can make progress. Diplomacy has failed, tactics and strategic manoeuvres likewise, if you go on the warpath now you will get somewhere. Where exactly depends on your reactions, and those who you would attack. Utilise the famed Scorpio insight into other’s motivations to plan the best course of action, or what you provoke into reaction may be more than you can handle. Make sure before you throw down the gauntlet that Jupiter in Leo and the Leo New Moon Phase aren’t giving you a dose of hubris.

Jupiter in Leo

thoth_w_6Jupiter majestically departed Cancer and he has arrived into fiery Leo. Leo is expansive, optimistic, generous and royal. And so is Jupiter. Where Leo is playful, Jupiter is royal and indulgent. Jupiter’s presence in Leo will amplify all Leo Moon Phases for the next year, not only making them more significant (he expands everything he touches) but increasing the mood of optimism and generosity. All the Leos in the vicinity will be even friendlier, inclined to spoil their beloveds and a little bit more carried away with their royal prerogative than usual. Jupiter indicates where we find and how we can generate success. Through warmth, dignity, generosity and nobility we create a sense of prosperity for ourselves and others; no matter how little we have to spare, right now it seems there’s plenty to go around.  If you have planets or points in Leo this transit will affect you strongly. For tarot lovers, Jupiter in Leo is given to the 6 of Wands in the Tarot – called Victory. It signifies recognition, applause, success & honour. The house ruled by Leo determines where you will experience recognition & success.

Saturn has gone direct in Scorpio

The_Seven_Planets_-_SaturnThis affects Saturn folks (Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo) the most, and also those experiencing the Saturn return (born with Saturn in Scorpio). When Saturn returns to direct motion we experience a sudden increase in limits, reality becomes sharper  – we can’t deny the consequences of our actions.  As a ‘Saturn Person’ (Saturn in the first house) I found the Saturn retrograde time kind of shapeless, things were disordered – not like a Mercury Retrograde when things are tricky and maddening – more like experiences had no underlying structure. Pulpy. Saturn restrictions and the comforting rigidity of those limits are back in place, it is easier to get things going especially when it comes to longer-term goals. If anyone has been getting up to mischief, the brick wall of consequences will suddenly reappear.

Uranus is Retrograde in Aries

Uranus Out-of-the-blue disruptions are less likely than at any other time of the year. Uranus is the element of spontaneity, in Aries he has been provoking some strange bursts of individualism and bouts of domineering behaviour. He also played a part in the series of Grande Cross formations of the last 18 months – we get a little relief from the Pluto/Uranus square with both the planets retrograde. Uranus turns direct again in December.  Aquas and Aries are most affected or anyone who has Uranus sitting on the Ascendant or next to the Sun or Moon.

Happy New Moon!

Love, Asha Maria


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