Moon in Virgo – Elegant Work, Steady Effort

new moon


The Moon is Now Waxing in Virgo

After the Leo New Moon bravado it’s now time to do some work to realise all that stuff we felt so confident about at the beginning of the Lunar Month. (your monthly Moon guide here)

The waxing Virgo Moon gives us the ability to focus on the detail work we need to get done in order to fulfil the promise of our New Moon dreams and hopes. At the New Moon we were full of confidence, bravado and even a little hope (Leo) and relief after Mars crashed into Scorpio ready to move forward decisively after a drawn out, painful 7.5 month stint in Libra. The Waxing Moon is an expansive, building energy. Detail work and plans are well favoured right now. As are new health routines and tidying up accounts, reorganising and generally restoring order and economy to your life.

Virgo brings with her not only focus and care but a little anxiety. The distance between the New Moon objective and the steps we need to take can appear overwhelming. But Virgo also teaches us to plan carefully and work through each task methodically and avoid distraction – she knows this is the secret to landing her heart’s desire. Small steps achieve great things. There is limited power available to achieve your goals, bold moves are not sustainable –  each grandiose act requires rest and recovery before you can act again. The careful, elegant approach on the other hand, neither over extends nor under delivers; consistent and steady we arrive at the goal quietly if we but carefully manage the resources at hand.  Get to work on your New Moon intentions by making a list, prioritising and checking it off. Do not open alternate tabs in your web browser. Stay focused on the task at hand and by the Aquarius Full Moon you just might get what you wished for.

Love Asha Maria

(who is finally learning how much she loves Virgo energy and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the beautiful Virgos for their patience with her blustery Scorpio side. And she promises not to be so provoking in future.)

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