Planets in Aspect – The Finer Details of the Astro Chart

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mandalaAstrology – The Aspects

The Aspects are the angles formed between the positions of the planets in your astrological chart. The aspects explain how the planets work together; the aspects can show skills, means of resolving challenges and where you have the greatest opportunity for development.

In the charts below the blue lines show harmonious, flowing aspects; the red lines show challenging or solidifying aspects. Please note there’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” chart, aspect or placement. Each placement has strengths and vulnerabilities. The Venus Mars conjunction brings many love affairs – and distraction from other matters due to an excess of romantic sentiment. A grande cross in the chart can create both a sense of resistance to the world and from the world – but also incredible strength and determination.

Too much ease can be as bad a thing as too much adversity. Square and opposition aspects provide a…

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