Lights, Personal Planets & The Lords of Karma

A quick intro into what the planets in your Astro chart represent. Not everyone knows that astrology is more than your Star Sign. By understanding what the other planets symbolise we can become more effective communicators (Mercury), understand how we express ambition and energy (Mars), what brings us the most luck (Jupiter) or even deeply spiritual questions (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto). ♡ Asha Maria

the existential astrologer

The Zodiac 1925 by Ernest Procter 1886-1935
The Personal Planets show our inclinations and personal capacities
. How we express our ego, instinct, mental type, romantic nature and drives & ambition. The way we express these powers is determined by the sign and house of the planet and aspects formed between planets. Love affairs, marriages, friendships, work relationships, parent/child interactions and family dynamics are better understood by a focus on the personal planets and how they interact. While the outer planets indicate deeper karmic themes we share with a beloved, the personal planets show how we live our best day to day life with them. In an individual sense, as the personal planets move through the signs they affect our love lives, sexual drive,

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