Full Moon in Aquarius – What do you have to give?


The Moon is full in the sign of the Water Bearer, Aquarius. The fulfilment of our New Moon Leo plans around self expression, confidence and personal needs is transformed into an awareness of our part within the Collective, how we can use our individual talents to serve others and find a balance between self and community (and the understanding that they cannot exist without each other). The New Moon Leo / Full Moon Aquarius cycle brings us lessons about our independence, confidence and individuality expressed through the community. We discovered what we have and now is time to think about what we can give.

The Full Moon in the sign of the Humanitarian calls us to consider the kind of community we want to be a part of, how our ego needs (Leo) align with greater needs of the community and what we as individuals can contribute to the conversation. Instead of having a herd mentality Aquarian community ideals value independent creativity and sovereignty of each community member. Dynamic creativity leads to innovation, growth and greater happiness for all. Competent, responsible individuals are essential to resilient, resourceful and just communities – whether within your household, workplace, social group/coven or broader humanitarian social movements.

What do you have to share? What is creatively, dynamically YOU that you can use to serve the greater good? The Leo New Moon drew your attention to your unique and sovereign nature…the Aqua Full Moon asks you what you have to give not just for now but to the future.

We can’t select all of our experiences nor do we “get what we give out” (bah to that!) But we can work with what we have to make something meaningful and beautiful that will benefit more than ourselves. This Full Moon look about you and find a way to “raise the bar”, the standards all about us are not those we have to accept. Have courage in better visions of the future and find a way, however small, to make it happen.

Now is a great time to be with friends, plan protests, agitate for social change, plant permaculture veggie gardens, share, support and sustain each other through our joys and travails.

Shocking violence in Gaza, disease and disasters everywhere a world that is horrendously broken, a climate on the brink…. But in our own community, in our families and friendship groups how are we dealing with the “smaller” conflict? Feeding it? Hardening our hearts because we “don’t have time for this sh*t??” If you are being attacked it’s not so much a case of turn the other cheek but find a different way to resolve the conflict…if that is impossible, resolve it in yourself. Make peace with the pain we carry that causes us and others to commit senseless acts of violence and vengeance. This is how the karma of violence is perpetuated, onenpetty grievance at a time.

Don’t allow the horrors of the world to stun you into inaction nor rouse you into futile exhaustion of your limited energy. Find another path and understand the ripple effect. Protest injustice, yes..but also pluck it from our own heart. The root of it is in all of us. Want a different world? Then let’s do things differently… . Find your role in the grand scheme of things..what have you got to give? When will you have the courage to give it? Love with all of your being and hope. But also do something tangible. Don’t just make a “vision board” and think that’s doing something.

Gather under this full moon with more than a make-yourself-feel-better wish for peace and social change. Know as you look up at it how far the human race has come and with Aquarius foresight see the path to the future awaiting us. Despair will slow your steps. Hope tempered with reason may bring us through. Remember acts of human kindness and grace that rescued you in a dark hour or… remember those who, for love of their fellow man sacrifice themselves in service to a greater good.

♡ Asha Maria (an unrepentant Aquarian idealist)

This Full Moon is another ‘super moon’ almost 30% larger in the night sky than usual. Last month was also a supermoon..enjoy the glorious light and may your New Moon work come to fulfilment. Xx

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