The Lovers VI and Art XIV: Love & Alchemy

Tarot Trump VI: The Lovers
Trump XIV: Art/ Temperance

How do these 2 Arcana connect? The Lovers express the initial moment of awareness of the Other. This can be infatuation, even if passionate. We communicate, reflect, delight and play with the image of ourselves reflected in a new connection. (Platonic, romantic or sexual).

But Temperance/Art Trump XIV represents the synthetic, alchemical process of transformation that relationships generate as they deepen for better or worse. From the union of 2 elements comes a 3rd, greater than the sum of its parts – the “Child”of the Union. Crowley sees this as a somewhat ambivalent card…the realisation of work beyond moralistic binaries of good and evil. And so it is when we connect, grow self aware and transform through the lens of  an encounter with others. Be aware though that the initial infatuation doesn’t always foreshadow the final outcome.

What you do with the process of Union determines whether you’re the Alchemist or a passive component in a reaction you don’t understand. It’s not about “consciousness” so much as initiating and responding; surrendered and in turn, dynamic.

This is the crucible and fire of Alchemy – reflection,  enquiry, synthesis, knowledge, action: result.

The Lovers / Brothers: Gemini



Art/Temperance:  Sagittarius



Images from the Crowley Harris Thoth Deck and the Rider Waite Deck.

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