New Moon Maidens – Virgo New Moon

Virgo by Dorina Costras
Virgo by Dorina Costras

This is the Maiden Moon Cycle. The Sign of Virgo rules the month – bringing grace & delicacy in the aftermath of the Leo Month of Grande Gestures. The Virgo Moon cycle brings the desire to make sense of and regulate the experiences of recent times. Traditional Maiden virtues include care for health and wellbeing too; and those of us who burnt ourselves out in a burst of Leo Sun and Mars Scorpio enthusiasm (me) had better pay attention to the importance of prudent use of resources (and I don’t just mean cash!).

The Leo Month challenged us to step forward, get comfortable being the centre of our own Universe and work out how to shine and share the warmth with our Others. (Last Month’s MoonCast here). With Mars changing signs to Scorpio and all the Warm Leo Jupiter/Venus energy in July/August you might have stretched yourself waaay too thin; over estimating capacities, frittering away resources in the pursuit of fun.  Long brewing events leapt forward and all that stuff you’d been chafing to do, needed to get done, all at once (the consequence of months and months of Mars in Libra and all those Grande Crosses ugh). Thankfully the Virgo New Moon brings a check, a pause in the activity – a moment to analyse and assess that everything is as it should be. With Mercury in Virgo too our heads are in the right space to impose order on all the activity and tweak where necessary.

The Maiden is prudent but she is not a Prude. Her wisdom and love of regulated use of everything is an undervalued virtue in these godessless, rampantly consumerist times. If you burn up what you have; health, energy, time, cash, goodwill whatever, you find yourself in a pretty bad position. Don’t be that person in your family/social group. This is last month’s Leo archetype carried too far; too much indulgence, luxury, happy focus on the present and little concern for the ‘morrow. This month is about Maidenly Virtues: consideration, economy, restraint and discipline – all the ‘boring’ things that make the fun, unsustainable stuff, possible. 

And my favourite Virgos are helping me to get why this stuff is necessary. Accounting  for stuff and accountability, diligent application instead of spontaneous (and frankly, messy) creative work; that social niceties help define common ground. And guess what? Not rocking the boat just because makes space for peace, gentleness and trust and THEN passionate expression when everyone knows where everyone else stands (mostly). This may seem bleedingly obvious to those of you with Virgo traits – but I have no planets or influences related to Virgo. (As a consequence it’s easy to neglect this archetype as something I just don’t get. Most people do this to some degree: understanding what’s absent in the chart often remedies a lot of unhelpful patterns that get in the way of those planets and signs strongly expressed in the chart. That’s right: me getting to understand Virgo means I live out the strengths of my Scorpio/Aqua/Pisces self, not less.)

Things this Aquarian has learned recently:

  • Scheduling time to see or call friends is actually a sensible plan if you are a person that has a job and/or dependants and still want to have friends too (yes). Friendship, like love isn’t a magical thing that spontaneously happens – it needs to be helped along by a scheduled phone call, email or coffee day every now and then. Appalling I know.
  •   If you don’t rest you get sick. The night time is not ‘bonus time’ for work and play if you have to get up at 6 every morning to the Ram-Child. Scheduled time for rest is important. So is eating. Coffee and croissants are not food groups.
  • Routines are a reassuring and reliable fail safe when faced with life-chaos. As someone who is regularly faced with life-chaos (see my natal chart below and laugh astrologers) this is very helpful. It also makes it easier to remember what day of the week it is (and month/year). Aqua and Sagittarius I am looking at you.

So this New Moon – tidy up recent messes. Work out what you have, what you want and what you need and shuffle it around until it fits better. Economising doesn’t mean stinginess – it means not wasting what little you have, enjoying it and making it go further. Consider how you’ve been overdoing it recently – and if this is a general personality trait what might happen if you just stop over doing it so much, all of the time? Might you be consistent? Reliable? Dependable? Ha!

Would you gain by being more delicate of the sensitivities of others, would others? Does consideration for sensitivities that you may not share invalidate your feelings/opinions/identity? If you are not 15 and the answer is Yes, you need to put some structure in so your own sensitivities aren’t so easily threatened (it’s ok if they are – you just need to put some of your energy into shoring up yourself). Routine and rules will help you feel ok about what you need, without having to project it all over the place for validation from others (which will never come, because other people don’t exist to validate us).

Do you resist order and economy? (What, me? NO!) The Full Moon in Pisces in 2 Weeks will give you plenty of spiritual-intuitive, cosmic awareness and collective unconscious swimming – for now chop wood, carry water as they say. Look after your health. And your Mum. Pay attention to the details.

Thank you Virgos, you have taught me much.

Love, Asha Maria

ha hahahahah haha chaos.

More stuff about this Month’s Moon Cycle:

The 4 Quarters are mutable signs – the most gentle expression of the element – Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

  1. New Moon Today in Virgo
  2. 1st Quarter Moon in Sagittarius – Sep 1 & 2  (depending on time zone)
  3. Full Moon in Pisces – Sep 8
  4. Last Quarter Moon in Gemini – Sep 15

The ruler of the New Moon is in the same sign, Mercury also rules Virgo.

Tarot Cards:

I – The Magician (Mercury)

IX – The Hermit (Virgo)

8 of Pentacles – Prudence

3 thoughts on “New Moon Maidens – Virgo New Moon

    1. After all the Leo expansiveness last moon month it’s been a time of accountability and analysis…the full moon is in dreamy Pisces in a few days time. All the detail work, the sense of nervous effort andneven frustration will release in the dreamy shining radiance of the most spiritual and intuitive sign, the Fishes. xx


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