Major Arcana / Tarot

The Death Card .XIII.


Death and Rebirth.

Trump Card: XIII

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Personal revolution

Disruptive end, often painful but necessary for growth and renewal

End of a process, relationship, job or circumstance. Clearing the path for something new.

Surrender what was or stagnate and rot.

The ending shown by this card is significant spiritually (or existentially if you prefer) … pay attention to it. Why this  has come about should be considered over time and reflected upon. The seeds of loss are often sowed by our own hand. Is it self sabotage? The same old patterns that repeat in a cycle of growth, destruction, decay and renewal? Or the hand of the Alchemist guiding us to greater awareness, wisdom and compassion.

This is a lesson in transformation and rebirth. You can arise, phoenix like, from the ashes of all that you were. Or you can keep cycling through variations of the same old story resisting change.

Change is stability, the only given. Nothing lasts. Everything passes away.

Reap what you sow.

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