Full Moon Mysteries – Pisces & Neptune

George Woolliscroft Rhead 1855-1920. Sacrifice to Neptune. A Pre-Raphaelite masterwork.

The New Moon was in Virgo this Month and now she sits opposite the Sun, full & silver in the most dreamy sign of Pisces. Neptune, the Lord of Pisces is also in the same place in the sky. Whenever planets align, they amplify and expand each other’s power. The Moon which is dreamy,  and deeply psychic in Pisces is made more mysterious by the action of Neptune.

All month the Sun is in Virgo – the sign of analysis, order, routine and detail work. But Pisces – the opposing sign – represents the limitless, the unstructured, that which flows – time and tide, the intuited moment, the transcendent and the wyrd. The overall theme of the month has been getting your  house in order, organising your life:

The Maiden is prudent but she is not a Prude. Her wisdom and love of regulated use of everything is an undervalued virtue in these godessless, rampantly consumerist times. If you burn up what you have; health, energy, time, cash, goodwill whatever, you find yourself in a pretty bad position. Don’t be that person in your family/social group. This month is about Maidenly Virtues: consideration, economy, restraint and discipline – all the ‘boring’ things that make the fun, unsustainable stuff, possible. (more here)  

There was also some awful and confronting Mars/Saturn tension in Scorpio. Action & wilfulness (Mars) was bang up against Saturn’s reality checks. Because this occurred in Scorpio cuts went deep and the sense of frustration may have led you to confrontation instead of conciliation. Boundaries were tested, pushed, smashed into, you may have even tried to burn them down. I doubt you had much luck moving things until you were able to face and acknowledge the limits of the situation. If you accepted the paternalistic dose of reality Saturn always brings, you should be feeling a bit better. And you may have learnt a few new conflict resolution skills too.

I’ve been hearing from some of you that this month has been a little boring (excepting probably the Virgos who are having their personal New Year). Facing up to responsibilities, the detail work, the consequences of neglecting oneself for months at a time (ahem) isn’t always lovely and you might feel like you want the fun stuff to just start again & skip the necessary accountability. But the Full Moon of this cycle is the most beautiful and spiritual of the year. And here’s the trick, by creating a good routine, a timetable, holding yourself accountable to responsibilities & details of daily life your creative & intuitive side has a safe place to unfold. Instead of being overwhelmed by the depths of our psyches, the visions and dreams of the unconscious – we have a daytime world to return to. A world where responsibilities call, routines & obligations to serve others bring us back. To our body, to health, to simple things.

This self-regulation can then flow into any creative, spiritual or artistic practise you may have. Instead of being dependant upon ‘inspiration’, Virgo skill combined with Piscean cosmic wisdom make real the divine without losing your head to the infinite.  The microcosmic and the macrocosmic Universe coexist – and neither is superior ‘more spiritual’ or ‘more sacred’. They are inter-dependant.

The Full Moon in Pisces is the reward for honest application, conducting yourself with integrity and attending to reality. There is a shimmering, dreamy and peaceful sweetness to her silvered light this month. She is also at perigree for the 3rd month in a row. Lunar powers of intuition, the knack, instinct is strong. We are more reflective and contemplative – but our thoughts turn to deeper things; memory, sorrows, beauty, ennui. The ‘other’ makes itself known. Neptune in Retrograde motion aligns with the Moon –  adding an element of bizarre unreality. There is a sea of creative, aesthetic, sacred potential. Watch and listen to your dreams, express your creative nature where you can or just rest and sit with deep, nameless feelings. Now is not time to analyse or engage in a dialectic with things that are bothering you.

Neptune can bring fear, illusions – amplifications of realities or unrealities that can frighten & disorient. Issues with drugs & intoxication can flare up. How are you going to deal with this? Why are you seeking escape? Why is illusion & retreat so much more alluring than service & mutual obligation with others? Return to the other side of Pisces – Virgo. Attend to your health, eat and exercise, pay attention to detail, hold to your routine. You can analyse the cause of things which move you later*, be peaceful with yourself, do reverence to your feeling – the balance is to flow with it, not be submerged by it.

Virgo is the ritual that makes the Moon Magick of Pisces work.
Virgo is the word, Pisces is the sound.
Virgo is the understanding that directs the formless expanse of the Piscean unconscious.
We now turn from our individual needs and lives to the collective bond – to the dreams, the Sea which touches every part of the world.

Happy Full Moon! Take time to rest, the eclipses start again in October – stay tuned for the horoscope report and what it means for you (sign by sign) – I’ll be listing it in the new store soon

*There are some fantastic counsellors out there. If you are struggling with the depths of your unconscious, with the stuff you’d rather not face, or things that are overwhelming you that you can’t face on your own…please – take some time to find a skilled person to talk to. With help even deep things can be changed, improved or accepted. ❤

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