The Masks We Wear – The Ascendant/Rising Sign


‘The Ascendant’ sign is the constellation that was rising on the horizon at the moment you were born. The Ascendant sign reflects 2 main themes; firstly, how others react to you and receive you – the impression you create upon a first encounter. The second theme is your instinctive way of relating to the world – often this doesn’t reflect your ‘true’ nature, and can confuse others who, distracted by the mask that you are wearing, misconstrue your ‘true’ solar self.

The Ascendant is the doorway through which the Self is expressed but is not the self. It represents the mask that we wear – sometimes the mask complements our essential, Sun Sign nature – at other times the mask conceals our true self. You can retreat behind your mask defensively hiding your true self; or you can use the Ascendant as a door to open to the world or close as necessary.

When you identify too much with the Ascendant, you find yourself exhausted. You are identified with other’s views of you – leading to a weak sense of self, disordered action and emotional frustration. You seem to be constantly changing with the tides of social influence. All your energy is pouring out of your Ascendant doorway – the way others view you is defining you and then you react instinctively, according to their expectations. These reactions are often at odds with your Sun (essential self) or Moon (emotional) needs – leading to a sense of futility and voicelessness.

Flowing outwards from the Ascendant Sign

The Ascendant functions as a ‘door’ or conduit. Your personal power can flow out of the door and be dissipated in the Universe by identifying too much with how others view you or reacting to the impressions the world make upon your senses. When we identify with the personal, and channel our power out through the doorway of the Ascendant, we concentrate our life force and are able to make a determined impact upon our own destiny.

Receiving the Universe through the door of the Ascendant Sign

You unlock the power of your Ascendant when you use your Ascendant to channel the infinite outer universe into your finite self. Then you can use it as a tool to interact with others effectively instead of defensively fulfilling other’s expectations of you. No longer pulled between appearances and essences you can flow between them, multiplex and beautiful.

Understand how your Mask and Your Sun are working together and where this duality is creating disruption, inconsistency or confusion. Register for a reading here.

5 thoughts on “The Masks We Wear – The Ascendant/Rising Sign

  1. I’m a Scorpio Ascendant (with Pluto in the same point – extra Scorpio power!). I can react intensely, far more directly than I realise or just come across a lot more serious than my Sun Aqua nature. Because my Ascendant sign and Sun are in hard aspect I often struggle to integrate my outer world face with my inner needs, defined by others perceptions my Pluto power can turn against me bringing instability and disruption. Using my Ascendant power consciously I tenaciously persevere, with strong self belief and look to my own interests. (Which with Venus in Pisces is a merciful balance!)


  2. With everything you said I also think our rising sign is the way we react to changes in our environment. For example if someone suggests something new I should do.(i din’t mean go to a party and have fun). My first reaction is my Capricorn wanting to weigh up the risks to benefits before I decide. And my sun in Sagi does not like it. Or I’ll have a great passionate positive idea and the Capricorn will automatically say ‘hold on where do you think you are going you have to think this through.’ I really enjoy your articles.


    1. Absolutely – it’s that automatic response especially when we feel unnerved or unsure of ourselves. The Mask of the Ascendant is how we deal with situations in the moment while we work out how to respond to it more deeply. It is our greatest protector but we must bring it into balance or we can project an inconsistent or inaccurate image of our core self. I am a Scorpio Ascendant , Sun Aquarius. Means I can snap, be harsh, intense, magnetic or disruptive without realising I’ve given out those vibes. It’s taken many years to learn to let my Aquarius sun shine through this fierce aspect – but that Scorpio Ascendant of mine has saved my life over and over – enabling me to transform. The Ascendant must serve the core: whether through veiling, protecting or channelling it outwards into the world! Thank you for taking the time to comment and reflect ❤


  3. You are spot in. And you are a really good astrologer. Thank you so much for your comments and sharing your own characteristics. Through the years I am 36 I have learned to relax more and not over analyse (Saturn in Virgo) and stress and over think a situation and let the Sagittarius make the final decision quicker then he did in the past. I have learned to appreciate the Capricorn rising that gives me boundaries grounds me and has made me very mentally strong. And we can project the wrong image of our selves. My sister who is an Aquarius after tells me that I am negative or look angry or sulking if I am having a quiet moment when I don’t feel or think that way at all. I get surprised when she tells me.


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