The Balance of Day & Night – The Equinox


The Sun is now in Libra, and the Spring Equinox is here. Night & Day is equal as the Sun moves to the sign of balance, fairness, justice & harmony. As the light & dark are balanced tonight the spiritual tides are thought to change…it’s a time for loosing the bonds you are well over, affirming those you want carry on with you and inviting in the beautiful and unexpected connections that will draw you on to your fate.

Burn those names that need burning

Release to water those you let go

Surround in flowers and fruit the names of those you bring with you

Light a taper for that which is coming

With eclipses in Scorpio (lunar) and Aries (solar) coming this month much will bubble up from the seething emotional depths (Scorpio) and self assertion can bring provocations that clear away long standing, broiling, oppressive atmospheres. The House in your chart indicates where this will be unleashed in your life. Any planets contacting Scorpio or Aries will show how the story will play out. Whatever has been out of balance will adjust sharply in the coming weeks. Take tonight to kiss yesterday goodbye and turn your face forward to the growing summer light


Image credit: Dorina Castras

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