Libra New Moon – Balancing Act

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Trust exercise in corsets without safety nets. Doesn’t get more friendship than that.

It’s all about relationships this month. And no, relationships doesn’t mean romance – (because romance has no reason it’s probably just some kind of temporary magick). This month is about those relationships that you rely on, the ones that make it all worthwhile, that support you and keep you in balance.  Your bestie, indispensable work colleague/ business partner, significant other or others who are necessary for you to be you.  This month may also involve trust exercises when doing dashing highwire manoeuvres with said significant others. Mars is in Sagittarius, sweeping us off our feet into new adventures after an intense transit through Scorpio last month (which dug up/kicked into gear everything that had been brewing for quite some time).

Let it be said… lots of you have been having one of those difficult ‘character building’ spells. And Libra Moon is here to set it all right again. Her ruler, Venus is in delicate Virgo making sure no one over does anything when it comes to matters of the heart. The rational Mercury is also hanging out in the sign of the Balances for 2 more days – we’re more likely to reason out our thoughts and are less likely to make snap decisions based on nothing but not wanting to think things over any more. He moves into intense, probing, can’t-leave-it-alone Scorpio on the 27th.  Some incisive realisations about exactly why your partnerships are doing what they are doing is likely to become abundantly obvious. Hold your tongue though and plot your way out of it to avoid saying something acid that you will later wish you had said more considerately.

The lessons of the Virgo moon cycle – economy, limits and health – under our belt, a little relief arrives with the Libra New Moon cycle. The month stars with the New Moon in Libra – partnership, diplomacy/conciliation, harmony and fairness. The Full Moon shines in the sign of rugged individualism, Aries. The quarter moons are in self-disciplined Capricorn and self-protective Cancer. This Moon cycle is about knowing self through our significant connections with others, facing deep truths (in ourselves most of all) and just getting on with it anyhow. Here’s how it plays out:

  1. Today: New Moon in Libra, Self & Significant Others, it’s time to look at how we bring harmony & peace into our lives again and set things right. ‘Right’ might mean finding peace after conflict, making it up to those we’ve hurt or working out how much quiet we need to do our thing. If you feel you haven’t been holding your end up (or vice versa) you need to consider why this is so and how to fix that.
  2. 02/10 – First Quarter in Capricorn –  Where are relationships interfering or supporting your ambitions/social status or reputation? If you are restoring connections you may have to work hard at conciliation – stay focused on the long-term goal and benefits of making peace. Why do you need this/these relationships? And if you can’t make peace, best make peace in yourself and keep climbing towards your goals.
  3. 09/10 – Full Moon in Aries – if you put in the effort in the first 2 weeks of the lunar month you should arrive at the full moon full of shiny confidence. The process of the last 2 weeks has lead to a decisive conclusion  and with that comes release from wasteful anxiety – joy.
  4. 16/10 – The last quarter occurs in Cancer. In the last week of the moon month we return to comfort, focus on the home and family ties and the reap cuddly rewards of a month long diplomatic mission. If you had to let things go or accept you can’t make a compromise/restore the balance in a relationship it’s time to do some self-care and acknowledge your boundaries and needs too. Conciliation doesn’t always work out, if you feel yourself starting to sulk at this point make an effort to indulge the senses and rest at home (not the same as sulking).

Whether your relationship management occurs at home, in love, at work or with friends depends on your personal birth chart. Consider this a month of setting things straight. Look to those you trust to catch you when you fall. Are those partnerships mutually beneficial, fair and equal relationships based on trust & respect? Or is one side of the scale tipping too much in your direction?

Love – Asha x

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