Mercury Retro…it starts…

image Oh my mother lovin goddess just lost a post for your Monday forecast due to…Mercury Retro!!! It starts to make itself known ahead of Oct 4 when he officially turns around and starts making mischief. Mercurial slipperiness will play right across Scorpio/Libra (piercing insight vs conciliation and balanced judgement). We’ll be flip flopping through the Mercury back n forth investigations in this area of life in the middle of an eclipse month – expect hidden things to be dragged up into the unflinching glare of the Aries Full Moon. You should be able to keep your balance mentally and emotionally with Venus also in harmonious Libra. Accept the switches in your perception as part of the process … neither is true. Libra is rational and Scorpio is reactively emotional. Take care in the next 3 wks that you get the full picture before you react and speak too quickly (this is obvs good generally but especially so in next 3 wks of this transit. You may be convinced of something but if you can at all….wait til after Oct 25 before reacting. You may not have all the info)   Mercury in Libra brings balanced insight, but in Scorpio he brings both piercing awareness and an acid tongue. So don’t blow it by reacting. If you feel things heading in that direction use the other Scorpio principle … cautious and calculated intelligence gathering. THEN strike. Mercury retro is a time of revision and reassesment of all communications, speech, rational thinking processes and paperwork. Secrets, lies and where that sits with your significant relationships can make for volatile stuff so don’t fly off the handle misintepreting things. It’s Mercury retro…nothing is exactly what it represents itself to be. Double check everything you put your name to. Mercury is in his trixster aspect…the devil is in the detail as they say. Make sure the words mean what you think they do. ★☆★ Most affected: Libra and Scorpio. But as Mercury is a ‘personal’ planet this is a significant transit for everyone. Back up your hardrive. Obviously not to a cloud eh? Key words: Misinterpretation, suspicion vs. Consideration and clear judgement.

2 thoughts on “Mercury Retro…it starts…

    1. Hi Jose. Good question…Mercury Retrograde periods have 6 stages…pre-shadow, stationary, retrograde, stationary direct, post shadow then he moves into completley new territory.( I explain this more in the next post. ) For now the retro effects are strongest between Oct 4 and Oct 25…right over our Eclipse period this month. His action during both the full moon Aries eclipse and the Scorpio eclipse at the end of the month means he will be digging deep and bring to light hidden information both to trigger and resolve the eclipse crises. After Oct 25 as Mercury goes forward (over the ground he covered in his backward movement) we piece things together and make sense of what we’ve learned. Check out the Libra new moon post for more info on the month ahead and stay tuned for the Eclipse wrap up this week ★☆★☆★


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