Archer’s Moon


The Moon is now in Sagittarius
Let out a sigh of relief…the Scorpio moon phase is done for the month, enough scraping through the recesses of your psyche for TRUTH and RELEASE and other arduous things. Mercury is still in Scorpio but the Moon ain’t.

You are still thinking deeply but it doesn’t seem to press on our sensitivities so much. She’s sailed into Sagittarius with bow and arrow in hand ready to shoot at stuff and run after it. This month is all about balancing relationships – (we’re in a Libra moon cycle). Want to work with the Archer vibes to improve things?  Take things philosphically and switch your emotional responses from “touchy” to “good humoured”. Just for 2.5 days. (If you prefer to be serious the Capricorn moon phase arrives right after this one.)

Sagittarius is the free thinker, optimist & adventurer. Done with skulking under a rock and brooding over (usually imagined) wounds for this month, even the really big stuff seems a lot smaller this evening (or morning..wherever you are).

Sigh with relief; offend your lover with a crass joke and think about tomorrow optimistically. Lighten up ahead of the first quarter moon in Capricorn at the end of the week when you are required to behave more like a grown up and be responsible about the stuff that kicked off at the new moon.

(If your moon sign is Sagittarius there’s a post for that here under Moon Signs)

Image credit:
Diana the Huntress by Guillaume Seigna

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