Horoscopes, Retrogrades – Reality bites


Neptune Retro – Pisces
Uranus Retro – Aries
Pluto Direct – Capricorn

Neptune has been going backwards (from Earth’s perspective) for a few months now. And if you’re a creative,  dreamy, spiritual type it’s been lots of reality, very little escapism (at least not the lovely kind).

The consequences of escapism, fantasies and indulgence in the illusory hit you. Hard. There can be problems with your drugs of choice (whether love or whiskey) or just a general sense that the magickal whimsy you are used to just isn’t there. The world can seem hard and dry. The opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo so this transit is bringing back home Virgo principles of discretion, caution and economy vs. how you imagined you were going to survive in your grownup life living the life of a futurist percussive poet/barista.

Creative blocks, dry of inspiration or disjointed dreaming are all symptoms. For the more pragmatic types this period of reality check is a relief from the usual vague magical mystery tour of those friends who just don’t get how cool a whole afternoon labelling your stuff really is. (I know you’re reading this A.F!)

Whether you like it or you are wincing the lack of exalted dreamy influence has it’s merits. If you continue your art at this time you are drawing from mastery not just inspiration, hone your technique, prepare for the next round of creations. What you create now that is good is masterful, restrained by skill and focused intent. It’s a good time to kick bad habits and take stock of why you keep running from things via said bad habits in the first place.

For some of you (especially 1984 – 85 ish peeps) the combined effect of Saturn return means it’s a time of facing and dealing with demons; fear, nebulous anxieties, powerlessness. The dreamy/escapist stuff that is getting in the wqy ofnyour process of individuation. (Look it up it’s a Jung thing.) Neptune’s capacity to exert fantasy and wistful hope has been checked. And Uranus, the lightening bolt of unpredictable chaos/spontaneity is also absent. (Coz he is in kick ass Aries this may be welcome for many of you a little exhausted from the recent roll events being played out in that part of your personal zodiac chart).
Pluto went direct again last week-ish in practi-Capricorn – if you’ve been feeling pressure building for inner transformation and revolution you can make it happen through planning and stubborn, consistent progress. This process is slower and less exciting than just throwing it all to the wind and seeing what turns up. But ground gained will be ground held. Plutos representds cold and determined willpower. In Capricorn, this means strategic plotting to achieve a defined target. The moon passes through the sign today and tomorrow at the first quarter crisis of this Libra Moon cycle (relationships vs. individuality).

Because the moon mediates the influence of any planet through your instinctive and emotional responses expect confrontations and outbursts relating to ambition, structural limits (how far you can feasibly push things) and pushing back against authority (including the odious self-nominated authorities frustrated that noone seems to accept that they are in charge.)

Capricorns are less surefooted and cautious the next 2 days but with Pluto moving forward now those dogged steps towards greatness proceed with greater effect. Plans for success can proceed as usual.

Scorpios will be feeling confident that their secret plotting is gaining ground in a pleasing manner. (JB plotting is also a good thing, I swear not ripping on Scoprios and Machiavelli this time!) Saturn is in the sign which is a bit punishing but knowing your limits and having all that you are stripped away is something you can deal with. Blasting your way through it is less effective than usual. You must look at the overall structures and what yo can achieve within those. Then you will own everyone.

Taureans to a lesser extent are affected by the Pluto transits – emotional release and relief that restores order and material  progress. Saturn opposes your sign right now – stuff you’d rather forget about resurfaces. You have to deal with it to get back to Tauruean tranquility. Good news is sudden moves aren’t required as they won’t work. Steady application of reason and due process does work. See it as work to be done one thing at a time and you’ll be fine.

Cancerians may be emotionally disrupted by fears of inadequacies related to outbursts around profession/ social reputation. If you are feeling destabilised by the transformations in your outer life remember that it is this aspect of your life which enables the inner quietude you so love.

Aquas are feeling quite hectic and confused with Uranus in retrograde. ..he is your ruler after all. But Jupiter in Leo is bringing out your Aqua core self more than usual. Which also leads to chaos but of the whimsical, mad-scientist kind. You may be feeling a self assurance that seems unfounded given external events. Go with that.

Aries are feeling a little steadier with retrograde Uranus in the sign held at bay for now. However this also means the consequences of all the structure jamming action of Uranus of the last few years floats to the surface.

Leo you are feeling good; ackowledged, royal and generous. Try not to overdo things, especially pleasures, as Jupiter in your sign is making you bigger and bolder than usual and will be doing this for the next few months. Optimistic, you may take on far more than you can handle. But Jupiter is also the sign of luck so you should manage.

Speaking of Jupiter, Sagittarius willbe applauded and recognized for how great you really are. Take the admiration philosphically. We’ll all be annoyed again shortly by your elusive and recklessly optimistic/infuriatingly naive ramblings soon enough. Can get away with most anything right now.

Pisces you poor creature. .. Neptune retro has shown up lote of ugly stuff about life and people and how life actually works lately. Hope, faith and imagination aren’t going to get you through right now. Best to just focus on the tasks at hand and attend to the “little” world. The general lack of magick can also bring relief from constantly swimming in seas of the collective cosmic consciousness.

Virgo label all your socks and reorganise your desk. It’s a “not much going on time” good for deep reflection (Mercury your ruler in Scorpio). Right now the world of material and real requires your attention. Venus in that area of your life brings little pieces of good fortune and comfort. I don’t need to tell Virgo to salt away the extra cash or creativity for when things might be leaner. That’s your whole deal.

Gemini is obsessed with getting to the bottom of things right now. The depths of meaning and less likely to chatter about these insights right now. You also might be thinking about the big questions like death, sex and rebirth. Venus in Libra makes you extra sexy to others and combined with Mercury in Scorpio intrigue you do well romantically for yourself this month.

Libra your birthday month brings you extra grace and charm for the year to come with Venus in your sign influencing your whole year ahead. If you are aesthetically inclined expect easier flow in your work. It will also please others more too. Your appearance and manner charms and with Venus the ruler of 2015 for you it’s a good year for love and affection. Your Libran love of fairness, grace, harmony and beauty is heightened. Your beauty, charm and grace is heightened too. With a long and frustrating Mars transit earlier this year and end 2013 Librans expect things to turn sweet again – the eclipse in Aries opposite your sign brings the courage to separate from significant relationships that stifle your independence. This releases your creative powers and brings some more spontaneity to your decision making.  ♡

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