Moon in Aquarius – Critical Analysis


We’re at the Aquarius part of this month’s Others vs. Self Moon Cycle (Libra/Aries). We’re now into the week before the Aries Fire Full Moon eclipse which means the Eclipse shake up starts to stir. Stuff building up so you can’t ignore it… emotional overwhelm … a sense of imminent crisis.

This is not the same thing as saying “duck n cover” but that either way – stuff is coming to light; could be from within or big news you’re waiting on from outside of you. Take a breath and comfort in the lovely fire contact of Jupiter, Uranus and Mars: a few unexpected developments and even a stroke of luck to resolve the current frustrating blockages.

The Moon in Aquarius for the next 1.5 days means it’s time to step back and look at what’s going on with a bit of Aquarian detachment. Unexpected reactions to situations and expressions of support from unexpected quarters helps reduce the sense of Aquarian alienation and replace it with that other favourite Aquarian ideal: solidarity and universal brotherhood. There’s been a lot of relationship upheavals from end 2013 through to now with eclipses and grande crosses and a massive Mars retrograde affecting Libra and Aries.

Watch it all burst into the light this month … and use the Moon in Aquarius influences today to do some life analysis – if you could have your way, what direction would you take?

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