Moon in Pisces – Pause & Reflect

Woman in a Green Dress by Boris Grigoriev

Moon in Pisces is a time of gentle reflection and rest. We approach the eclipse on Oct 8 in Aries (conj Uranus) with reflection on the Self vs. Others stuff over the past moon month – (and this whole year of Aries/Libra eclipses since Oct 2013 incl 3 rounds of Grande Cross crises and a massove Mars retrograde in Libra too).

Yesterday’s Aquarius moon was time for mental reflection. Today is for musing, wistful sighs and dreamy distraction. There is a gentle sense of finality and release. What may have been quite tense leading up to this full moon eclipse doesn’t quite seem so stressful right now. Run with that…or rather. …rest on that. You’ll need a reserve of calm in the next few days. Expect spontaneous and loud self assertion of Aries and Uranus and a Full Moon (instinct and emotion) railing at the balanced and judicious Libra Sun (will and identity). Amplified generously by Jupiter in Leo and Mars playing Archer in Sagittarius. More soon on the Full Moon on Wednesday but for now, let yourself escape a little.

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