Eclipse of Fire – Fierce Love


Now you know how much you have to give you can love generously. And you know what you need and you are good with that there’s less risk.
Love isn’t laced with razor blades, you may get hurt but you can’t be wounded because of anyone else.
You have drawn lines. You’ve stood by them.
And…it’s kind of worked out.

 Happy Full Moon Beloveds – Happy Fire Eclipse
May you be liberated from sorrow, revel in your strength and may you love FIERCELY.

This month brings us to the final act of 12 months worth of Libra/Aries issues being dragged up, confronted and hopefully, resolved. A year of eclipses (here), grande crosses (here & here), the arduous Mars retrograde in Libra (here & here too). You’ve had to fight for your personal freedom, fight for those you love or graciously accept that you need others as much as you need your freedom – the final act is here. You’ve cut away plenty of illusions, worked out exactly how much you can give before you lose yourself in others. You’ve been balancing fair mindedness with the reality that not everyone you play with (or against) cares about fairness or integrity.

The Full Moon Eclipse tomorrow is in determined Aries. This is the final of 3 phases of Libra/Aries eclipses that have provoked issues of fairness & victorious individuality. (Here’s a little recap of the 3 acts of the Aries/Libra Eclipse cycle – it started in October 2013, continued in April 2014 and comes to a crisis/climactic end at full moon this month.)

All of the 3 eclipses were across the Aries/Libra axis (opposing constellations) Aries is about Self, Libra is all about Others – Aries decides and does. Libra considers, weighing the needs of all parties carefully before making her judgement.

Me vs. You.

Us vs. Them

Cuddles vs. Fierce Freedom


Act I – October 2013 – Full Moon in Aries : You Just Realised YOUR Needs are Not Met. Everyone Else Should Get out of the Way, Now.  

If you had been taking the ‘excuse me, do you mind if I meet my own needs, then yours’ approach to relationships this eclipse made sure you realised just how pointless that is unless your strategy is: kick me. Too much consideration is usually seen as weakness/has no reasonable needs, weak = right to doormat you = immense frustration from you = Aries explosiveness. This was also in the middle of a Grande Cross involving Aries and the God of WTF, Uranus, Pluto (revolution)… so…if you’d been gentle and considerate for FAR TOO LONG you may have gone berserk, temporarily. Hopefully this manifested as more of an internal process, ‘struggling with your demons’ type thing and you emerged, determined to be yourself no matter what. No doubt you promptly met with the first obstacle as soon as you’d dried your tears and got your boots on.

On the other side of things it may have come to your attention you were behaving like an ego-driven, head-butting Ram. All those bridges that were so fun to burn will be needed. It’s getting hard to ignore the fact you are staring across a gaping abyss of self-inflicted isolation and hoping you can make it out alone. Because, you were right after all, yeah? It was totally justified to refuse to concede any ground. Right? Right? How’s the echoing silence of that abyss between you and everyone who loves/ed you working out? You worked this out and moved on to….

The Second Act – April 15 2014The Lunar Eclipse switched to Libra. This eclipse brought to light deep long standing conflicts around fair give and take with others. Are you being just in your judgements or just judgemental? Have you been too harshly judged and know deeply that this is unfair?  If you feel some kind of personal Rubicon is on the horizon make sure that you have a solid grasp of what you value as true, noble and just – this is the rock you will need to cling to when the hurricane blows. Or hope that you can rely on your ‘partner’ to catch you if you fall.  We compromise & conciliate but always in keeping with our own integrity and moral laws. You may have worked out how to assert yourself. This eclipse was the reminder that even newly independent you needs a safety net. You may have stumbled, frustrated at your vulnerability. Reluctant to accept your obligations to others – and that these same obligations are also your safety net.

 The Third Act – October  8 2014  – Aries Full Moon. The third act weaves together and releases the story of the first 2 eclipses. We also have a Grande Fire Trine – Jupiter in Loyal Leo, Mars adventurous in Sagittarius, Uranus retrograde, sparking at random in Aries. Things can get a bit brash, you’re more likely to cut people emotionally and you will be very focused (demanding) with your emotional needs. The Moon is about feeling, security and sense – these needs compete with our ‘Sun’ needs, identity & ego,  during a Lunar Eclipse (it’s really a hyped-up full moon). What you feel about your relationships and what you actually want is made clear. I don’t mean you and your significant others balancing competing needs; emotional, personal ambitions, boundaries.   But the actual identity of our relationships – what they mean, what we want to do with them, what we think they are ‘for’. 

The Eclipse brings a big reveal but the process started more than a year ago. Aries is the Warrior. Libra is Justice (vengeance?). Uranus is the Unexpected. Jupiter is Righteous. Mars is adventurous & courageous. Think back over the last year, and those issues around fair relationships & personal autonomy that just… keep… cropping up. Well some good news folks, the final battle is played out. What is hidden is revealed by the Full Moon Eclipse and decisions based on a year of working through ‘stuff’ can be made (with Libran tact, please folks). The impact of Uranus on the Moon adds the element of a last-minute surprise that makes sense of it all – and changes it all. Mars gives us the courage act, and an optimistic Jupiter makes it all bigger and more colourful.  Jupiter brings either good luck or good humour through it all (which turns any situation into good luck anyhow.) 

Last time these eclipses hit, the Grande Cross of Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto brought out revolution, chaos, stand n’ fight kinda situations. Now these same planets form a spectacular, harmonious, Grande Fire Trine. Mars, Uranus and Jupiter in Fire Signs in tough Cross aspect cause fights, disruption, egotism gone wild. But the Trine evokes courage, surprises and good luck. Weave this in with the Eclipse story and we get perspective, and liberation from 12 months of work on  asserting yourself, sticking it out with your others or holding your ground. Tumult makes the soft strong. Loss tempers the fierce.  In between the middle ground of rampant individualism and slavish co-dependence is fierce love. It’s only punishment and heartache when we can’t balance those 2 needs – The Self and The Other.


3 thoughts on “Eclipse of Fire – Fierce Love

  1. I’v been waiting this year for the conclusion and resolution. Last October was rough, but it revealed so much. April was a huge surprise as others shocked me. I feel like I have such great needs that have only partially gotten fulfilled, like there’s a hold back of some sort.

    I am completely a Libra. ..sun, moon, ascending.


  2. Hi Elle, We are now in the final phase of the Aries Eclipse, over the next 7 days or so…as we head toward the New Moon we reflect and synthesise the experience brought to light by both this month’s moon cycle and the 12 months of Aries/Libra stuff I talk about in the post. By the New Moon it should have settled somewhat and the New Moon eclipse in Scorpio moves things on whether you feel ready or not. As a Libra Sun, Moon and Ascendant this eclipse opposed your Core self (sun), Emotional self/Sense of security (Moon) and Ascendant (how the world reacts to you and how you receive the world upon first impression.) What is your Venus sign? Librans can be left yearning and longing, because if feelings aren’t equal or perceived as equal by the Libra, she is discomfited. Her primary need, for equilibrium cannot be met. But, this is not to say the Libra should just accept it, a sense of disquiet must be considered and explored. And where possible transformed into action or decisive acceptance – which is different to passive inaction! I hope you find your balance again dear Libra, and that the Scorpio new moon provides insight and clarity. Also, Mercury is Retro in Libra, so when he goes forwards again you will have more answers, Oct 25… right now he is making you look over and weigh up everything.


    1. My Venus sign is Scorpio.

      I will tell you, this last year (since the end of Sept 2013) has had me not moving forward with a couple of very important things because I cannot seem to make the decision I need to make and now it’s all coming to a head and I have limited my choices. I’ve been procrastinating worse than ever. The last time I was this indecisive and went into hiding, so to speak, on something so important was about sometime between 1981-1982 (I was born in 65). Then there were decisions forced upon me this year (Jan and June), but it turns out the results have been the very best for me. The other side of this is that in a few other areas of my life I have been bold and strong. I’ve faced head on some major heart and emotional issues and feel better than ever.So many wonderful things have come from that boldness and I find myself only wanting to focus my energy there.


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