Jupiter in Leo – Royal & Bold


Exultant, royal influence of the Lord of Luck in the Sign of the King Lion. Leo confidence blends with Jupiter generosity. Make your luck through good humored confidence and right conduct. The patron, bon vivante, indulgent parent…all experiences of Jupiter in Leo. Self assertion is possible within the bounds of mutual respect. The part of your chart ruled by Leo shows where Jupiter will bring you the most luck this year. He also shows where you might be a bit much…Jupiter in Leo can brag, swagger and squander his riches if he doesn’t watch it!

Leo/1st House (Ascendant) – Persona and first impression

Cancer/2nd House – Money and resources.

Gemini/3rd house – Siblings, communication, mind

Taurus/4th house – Home, heritage and roots. The past.

Aries/5th house -Love, flirtation and romance. Children and play.

Pisces/6th house – work and employment, health.

Aquarius/7th house – marriage, legal agreements, conciliation

Capricorn/8th house – sexuality, shared resources, impulses

Sagittarius/9th house – ideals, learning, adventure and travel. Judicial issues

Scorpio/10th house – reputation, career, ambition

Libra/11th house – social groups, community, the collective

Virgo/12th house – the hidden, repressed, dreamy and ethereal

To find out which house of your chart is ruled by Leo you need your horoscope. To find out what’s happening for you this year, you need me to read it for you ★♡★  seaserpentsky@gmail.com

Artwork by Zac Craig http://www.zaccraig.com

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