Moon in Pisces – Sea Magick


The Pisces Moon brings us dreamy  sweetness. In the sign of the sea and all her mystery, the Moon clouds our thinking, heightening sense and intuition. After recent Scorpio eclipse upheavals the dust settles and everything seems a little shimmery, without edge; both impossible and longed for.

Illusion making Neptune is in Retrograde retreat in Pisces too, anchored by Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn. Your dreams are more likely to be visions of the possible than a mirage projecting a too far off fantasy. Allow yourself to dream a little, the world is a strange and magickal place. Really strange sh*t happens all the time. You are not exempt from mythic-style twists of fate.

The Full Moon arrives in reliable and gentle Taurus next week. All will be clearer by then, for now just dive in ♡

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