Carpe Diem & All That

Sometimes, it’s time to just go for it. And now is one of those times. Venus in Scorpio and it’s time to fuse ourselves fiercely with what/ whom we love. We are driven to the extreme of feeling and attachment. Passionate excess compels us to open our eyes to our deepest longings and drink them in. Tenacious Saturn in Scorpio demands we hold ourselves accountable to the desires of our heart. He demands we do something tangible to establish what we claim to live for. He calls us out on our daydreaming and requires us to make it real. This isn’t always easy or comfortable…but hey it’s Scorpio month so surrender to the transformation coz it’s happening anyway!

Mars and Pluto align in Capricorn bringing you the power to shift blockages, shake off history, to endure any turbulence the Scorpio energy is bringing. If there is an obstacle that you need to break down, work you need to just smash out…maybe it’s time to take a stand and refuse to retreat? The time is now. Stake a claim, call it out and own it. Do you have the courage? Can you endure? Can you stay focused?

The moon heads through the last degrees of Aries (and meets Uranus who’s been living there for some time) so expect a bit of emotional shake up. She then sails into the sign of her exaltation, Taurus and the agitation subsides. Your Full Moon fulfillment is coming. Roll with the tide but keep your eyes on the prize! You may have only just worked out what that actually is but don’t falter. No time for that. Get to work!

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