Moon in Gemini – Connect


Moon in Gemini -time to get talking about what you’ve done this month. Share ideas, reconnect and network your experiences -especially if you went to ground during the New Moon eclipse upheavals/ Mercury direct revelations last fortnight.

The Moon is past full so as we enter the 3rd quarter (Full waning to Last Quarter) we’re analysing, assessing and making sense of our work we seeded at the New Moon in Scorpio (Oct 22). Gather information, jot down ideas that you can later form into strategies to achieve your plans. Get out from under the work that’s been piling on top of you and remind your friends that you still exist.

All this talk of work must be due to Pluto and Mars firing up the ambitious Capricorn. If you’ve been working too hard and need to unwind take the next two Gemini moon days to socialise playfully, dance across the surface of things and leave the heavy stuff for Monday morning. Believe me, it can wait. And if you think it can’t and push through, exhaustion will force you to wait.

Sparkle and shine darlings, in the Gemini moonlight. X

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