Last Quarter Moon in Leo – Roar!!


There’s a little bit of the Leo in all of us today. Enjoy it – it’s been a big month of letting go, transforming the past into a calm present, deciding what we’ll stand for (and fall for). This all gets a bit tiring even if the last 3 wks brought you lovely, unexpected things in the midst of the intense growth.

Upheaval and change has a cost in terms of energy & focus. I definitely need a nap. All of you I’ve read for in the last few weeks probably agree If you need to finish off and tie up your month’s soul work, the energy and joy of Leo brings you the boost you need to laugh, roar and romp through the last challenges. You can shake out your hair and laugh even as you get through stuff that isn’t quite so fun.

You’re noble, yes, so that’s a motivator – doing things for duty’s sake or whatever but Leo is also about SUNSHINE. And today it’s a lot easier to sense that new day dawning just beyond sight…to recognise that the darkness has fallen behind. The return of joy is only a matter of time. Not work…So Roar beloveds! And revel. Play and have fun! You can lighten up and still be majestic as ****. Rock out royal-like and take your kingdom … it’s all yours and it’s right there in front of you.


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