Tidy Up! Waning Moon in Virgo

The Moon is in Virgo for the next 2 or so days so this is pretty much me right now ^ I’m taking a look around after an intense Scorpio moon cycle and the elements of chaos in my space have gotten slightly out of hand.

We’re now in the last week of this lunar cycle, it’s time to gather in, tidy up and make way for the new ahead of the next New Moon (in Sagittarius in about 6 days). The last quarter moon in Leo marked an outburst of can’t-keep-it-in-any-longer feeling. You might have noticed stuff came out of your mouth without a blush and LONG sensed but concealed emotional expressions came barrelling forth with confidence (or blind hubris as the case may be). All well and good and necessary but now to the housekeeping. Maybe not in the literal sense for you but in terms of assessing, (re)ordering, assigning and finalising any little loose ends of this month’s “stuff”.

Virgo moon days bring us a bit of focus, discipline and the understanding that from order creativity can spring. When all is chaos nothing can be created. So sing a song and get the forest folk to help you or just get to work on your own but either way you’ve got 2.5 days to straighten up the joint before the moon sails almost silently into Libra as she approaches her darkest phase for the month.

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