The Magician – The Trickster


The Magician
The trickster, charlatan, quick speaking, grafter. He uses all the skills at his disposal to master a situation.

 He flickers and sparkles, beautiful and inspiring but he is also intangible. Words are illusions and worse, they are illusions that trick our reasoning. He has all the ‘weapons’ of the tarot but moves between them; the Will (Wands), The Heart/Feeling (Cups), The Reason (Swords) Material Need/The Bodily Awareness (Disks) are but tools in his manipulations. But manipulations aren’t always negative, they can be playful, expose truth through lies – the magician’s stage trick – through the suspension of disbelief we can arrive at a point of play and lightness.
The Magician represents you as you commence your journey into the world, curious, with some knowledge and skills to tackle the challenges that face you. The whole tarot is given to the Magician – and the mysteries of the cards depend upon his skilled interpretation. The Magician is the guide at the Crossroads. To see the paths available to you, book in for a reading in-person or via Skype. x

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