New Ground – New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is all about freedom, travelling and enthusiasm. It’s a fire sign so it’s pushy & dynamic but it’s also about pursuing your highest vision. Let joy move your feet: this month is about your highest ideals, what you live for, your ultimate vision.
Last month was all SCORPIO….There were eclipses. Many people shafted or got shafted by their significant others (lovers, bffs, employer). For a lot of you a lot of stuff came to an end all in the same few weeks (incl me!) It was all a bit much. But Scorpio being Scorpio death made way for growth. Sudden, unexpected, so long awaited you’d forgotten you were waiting kinda growth. Take a break from searing soul searching. It’s time to live out those secret strengths you found in yourself. Accepting the past isn’t the same thing as staying there. It’s fuel to your fire. Use it to power yourself forward!

Venus is playing hunter too and love lightens up, we’re playful, adventurous and more inclined to be amorous in the manner of Centaurs. Exuberantly physical. Ahem. Venus forms aspect to a direct Neptune making us optimistic and romantic which we need after the grinding accountability of the last month. The world is more colourful and magickal than it’s been in a quite a while. Like at least a year. Or more. So gather your stuff and your courage and set out. What would you find if you left fear behind in the dust, where it belongs?

4 thoughts on “New Ground – New Moon in Sagittarius

    1. Far too apt for many! When we open our hands and let these issues depart, when we commit to continuing on, we can make sense of the old story and weave that (painfully won) wisdom into our new adventures. Analysis and why-oh-why just holds us in that place…we tend to keep re-experiencing the same narrative until we are willing to surrender it. Sounds easy…but it’s not a mental process. It’s something we have to sit with. Hope this new moon sees a flourishing of your courage and self confidence. Xo


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