Faith – Quarter Moon in Pisces


The Moon waxes to the first quarter in Pisces. The quarter moon is said to bring the first crystallisation (and obstacle) to your New Moon plans. This month’s moon cycle is all about Sagittarius stuff – what do you hold to be the highest? Sagittarius is also about an open-hearted optimism & cheerful courage, also essential to maintaining faith! It’s a good time to reflect on what we really believe.

You might be feeling extra dreamy tonight as the Moon kisses Neptune – dreamers note your night time journeys, the unconscious yearns to speak.

All in all, this quarter moon is quite a gentle one. Dream, imagine and conjure new worlds from the sea of your unconscious – spend the weekend by the sea, work creatively or take time for spiritual contemplation. If you do the Work, at the end of this 2.5 day cycle you will reach a deeper understanding of what is driving you forward.
Dive deep beloveds, into the world of shimmering imaginings, vision & longing. But dive with purpose.

This is the Moon month of the Archer, Sagittarius. The Archer is always seeking: swim with purpose and use what you find to inspire the rest of your adventures in the month ahead.


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