Leap! (But look first): Aries Moon

The Moon is in Action Aries, the sign of fire and force. We’re in the building up phase of the month & it’s time to act on our Sagittarius New Moon intentions ahead of the Gemini Full Moon this weekend. So you have been working out what you’re really chasing, your highest values (Sagittarius Moon month). And you’ve got…5, tops 6 days to actually make a dent in that effort before the full moon in Gemini on Saturday (when it’ll all become clear and you’ll be keen to share it all with everyone).

Sh*t!!!! Ha no, it’s fine, breathe! You’re just worked up, probs because the Pisces Moon phase over the weekend meant you just pursued pleasure and comfort and conveniently forgot about the dishes…deadlines…impending end of year chaos. Pisces dreaming is necessary which is why we get a whole 2.5 days for it each month. The moon phase directly after (today and tomorrow) is Action Aries – after rest we need to actually move stuff forward. Just don’t overreact to your pleasure seeking and waste the energy in frenzy. Slow it down and you’ll be able to use that fierce fire power to breakthrough. Forget to breathe and you’ll break down.

 Today there’s also a risk you’ll just ACT for the sake of doing SOMETHING because the Moon joins forces with Uranus. Uranus is the planet that brings is the unexpected, bizarre and electrifying bolts out of the blue. The Moon, to which we are all sensitive, acting with Uranus makes our energies agitated, scattered and a little whacky. If you find you just want to react, throw it all over. The eerie crackling energy that lightening brings shivers through our blood. If you’re a little jumpy step back and hold you tongue…at least for another 2 days when the Moon sails into calm Taurus.

Keep at it beloveds! Leap for joy but look before you leap and you just might get it all done.

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