Take a Nap – Moon in Cancer


The Moon flows through Cancer on her way into Leo. After the electric Full Moon weekend take today to retreat, integrate and reflect on what you’ve been busy thinking and talking about. Today is for musing or perhaps brooding if you’re on the shadow trip. Brooding can be helpful too. Just do it well, give it a finish time, say, tomorrow at sunrise.

You still have to go to school or work but every chance you have allow yourself to retreat, contained in your own shell. The next few days bring the Leo moon phase for the month. Isn’t Goddess kind to give us a rest between the electrical Gemini activity and the warm and grandiose experience of Leo? Cancer is about nourishing and a secure base. And the Moon loves being there because it’s her own domain (She rules the sign).

If your environment isn’t very secure right now remember the one constant – your own self – continues. Sit with that. Dig down deep. Cling like a limpet to the rock of your core being.

Leave the thinking and making sense of stuff til another day.

♡ Asha Maria

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