2 Card Trick – Fire & Passion


2 Card Trick

1. 3 of Wands: Lord of Virtue (Sun in Aries)

2. Ace of Wands: Root of the Power of Fire

The 3 of Wands shows the desire to work with others to create a new dynamic; something that brings collective success and remains authentic to your journey as individuals. By joining forces with another Warrior you strengthen your energy, steady it and give your will a stronger foundation from which you can act upon the World. Someone else has your back and you have theirs. Like 2 soldiers riding into battle you are confident in your skill and power to conquer. There is also a joyous confidence in this card, optimism and big dreams.

Energy has to find its own expression, according to its nature. Fire must leap and consume, roar and crack. The Ace of Wands reminds you of the raw sensuality and passion that inspire your recent actions. Make sure you don’t lose the Divine Spark by alliance with another – its wild and volatile essence is where your true power lies. Taming yourself is inconsistent with the dynamic action you seek to give life to. The tarot reminds us constantly that if you don’t find a place for this power and let it be true to its nature it ALWAYS finds its way out. The creative impulse is a chaotic force. Direct it lest it burn down the first efforts of your new enterprises (whether relationships, work or new life stages).
Allow and honour your instinctive reactions to be. Otherwise you will have no power to bring it under your Will. Use it to power the engine of your creativity, then kick ass.

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