A little bit about the Etteilla deck…

Eteillia Celtic Cross Asha Maria

Etteilla’s Tarot: I’ve been using this one a bit more lately. The card meanings seem more original than the Rider Waite/ Thoth traditions. The deck is much older and not “corrected” or “restored” as Crowley and Rider Waite sought to do with their respective decks. The primary meaning is written in French on the borders and reversals are an essential part of reading this deck (something I usually opt out of because with Rider Waite the context of other cards shows how you should interpret the card). Because the small cards just show cups, swords etc (no story lines or figures) reversals work well, they’re not ambiguous. The patterns of the tarot ‘weapons’ on the snall cards indicate the principle the card represents. So, batons (wands) pointing in an upright direction show activity, if turned in on themselves, complexity & conflict. The wands inverted show action delayed or blocked. Adore this deck and wishing I could find an English translation of Eteilla’s book somewhere…. appreciate your comments on this gorgeous deck!

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