Saturn leaves Scorpio – Woooo SATURN RETURN OVER (almost)

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Oh hail the Gods! Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. My Saturn return is over (well almost, final chapter of consolidation is after the little retrograde in 2015 but I’m pretty much done ok? Enough!) Those of your recently completed Saturn Return/ born with Saturn in Scorpio breathe out a sigh of relief. You’ve found out your limit. That might be a little disappointing, maybe you had to let go of things you really thought were essential to ‘you’. But now you know what you have to work with you can really get stuff done. Pragmatism & duty has it’s own reward. Like stuff actually manifesting, not dissolving into well-meaning fantasies you’ll get done next week.

Saturn is our task master, he makes us face our limits and the harsh truths of reality. The Saturn Return is the balancing of the books of your entire life up to that point. It is wonderful, transformative but tiring and hard work – there are many truths we have to face and then accept humbly.

Saturn shows us our true power through giving us tasks that test our fundamental structure. However, he then shows us how to use that to build a meaningful life. Saturn in Scorpio folk go deep. If we aren’t searingly real we suffer – and if you aren’t deeply honest you may suffer too, ha! We can’t take stuff lightly but our true strengths are hidden beneath mystery. Mystery that has to be torn away until there is a diamond of truth we can rely on. This means we have to put ourselves through tough stuff often, in order to find out what we’re really about. Clearing it all away and getting to what is integral makes us often uncomfortable to be around! But it means, at core Saturn in Scorpio folks are committed. Until the very end. No matter how uncomfortable. Now…Saturn enters Sagittarius and rather than getting to the bottom of things (no matter what!) we turn our eyes to the horizon. How are we going to take practical steps to live our highest ideals? We hunt down truth and seek it – with Saturnian grim determination and integrity. Those entering YOUR 28 year Saturn return cycle, get ready to grow, be real and find the measure of who you really are.

If you were born with Saturn in Scorpio. Congratulations, you’ve survived, transformed some big stuff, found out a lot more about who you really are (and where you’ve betrayed yourself by following the realities of others). The sense that you are reeling from change and loss of well-loved structures (relationships, career, self-view etc.) is quite normal for this phase of your life. You are now at the beginning of a new Saturn cycle. Look over the last 2 years and what you’ve learned about your capacities and resources. Build your future on that foundation. Time to grow.

Born with Saturn in Sagittarius – This is an exciting time for you! This brings the 2 years where you get to go over all that you are, think you are and have done. Examine this and examine the experiences of your life – use them as a kind of commentary on your greater life story. Choose to grow into your own power, beliefs and rely on yourself and arise – more you than ever before – from the process.

Born with Saturn in Scorpio
May 13, 1956 Saturn Rx enters Scorpio Oct 10, 1956

Born with Saturn in Sagittarius
Jan 12, 1956 Saturn enters Sagittarius
May 13, 1956 Saturn Rx enters Scorpio
Oct 10, 1956 Saturn enters Sagittarius

Born with Saturn in Scorpio
Nov 29, 1982 Saturn enters Scorpio
May 6, 1983 Saturn Re-enters Libra
Aug 24, 1983 Saturn enters Scorpio
Born with Saturn in Sagittarius
Nov 16, 1985 Saturn enters Sagittarius to Feb 13, 1988

Love Asha
My Saturn return occurred in my 12th and 1st houses. Transiting Pluto, Ascendant, opposing my Moon in the 7th house too. The process  included but did not limit itself to, a complete restructure of my identity, reconnection with roots and shake up in every sense of everything associated with my identity – in an existential sense – and also my identity in terms of the actual historical facts. I saw family after almost more than one decade (and in the case of others almost 2 decades), I reconnected with roots, I put down roots after a long time wandering, I survived, raised my glorious child single -handedly, did I mention survived, built a new business, started writing regularly, endured & endured, survived, flourished, thrived and loved. I think that last one was the biggest victory of all. Loving through survival. I got tough. I found my strength and I claimed my reality. I need another 28 years to recover til the next round but I have emerged both joyous and tough. Oh yeah. Grandmother power. Saturn. Time. Limits. Reality. Ahh. Now I get it. Order and structure is reassuring. Limits create focus, they consolidate power and direct it. Now please leave me alone and let me chill a bit I promise I will be disciplined whilst at the same time free wheeling. Thanks Universe.

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    Saturn is now retrograde in Sagittarius – he will cover old ground as he tacks back into transformative Scorpio in a few weeks time. When you find yourself face to face with reality-checks & blockages you thought you had dealt with I want you to hold on and take a deep breath. This review of structures is in harmony with the tides of life right now, so work with it, not against it. We revisit an area of our life of self development through the retrograde movement of a planet. Saturn is about structures, ordered systems, bone-level realities and the foundation of who we really are (not who we would like to be). Work constructively with this Saturn retrograde by taking the time to return to the foundations of your life, check and double check that the structure is as you wish before you do anymore building. If you want to build something significant taking time to check that everything is sitting as planned is never a waste of time – it can be frustrating but ultimately it will pay off. Remember – especially if you have just gone through your Saturn Return 28 year cycle – that this is the structure you will carry forward for a significant period of time. Get it as sound as you can, you’ll be thankful later 😉
    (To know exactly what this means for you comment on your Saturn time for a quick overview or book in for a reading).


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