The Dance of Reality – New Moon in Capricorn

Make it Real: Dec 22 – Jan 21

Capricornian Reality, Duty & Pragmatism are just as gorgeous as Inspiration & Dreams. However this requires disciplined effort (groann) See it as making a reliable framework to Dance within and duty gets a whole lot more interesting.

Capricorn is the Principle of Achievement. But your dreams are idle indulgence unless you DO something to make them real. Before you DO you have to PLAN. The tricky thing about converting moonbeams into matter is that some of the beautiful mystery is sacrificed to pragmatic possibility. This isn’t a loss of integrity it’s a necessary step in the process. Ideals are meaningless without a decent plan. Same goes for love.

An honest assessment of the possible loveliness within the limits is required when it comes to relationships (Venus in Capricorn). You can still drive your ideology within those limits; the limits stop high-flown enthusiasm from dissipating into nothing more than the usual big picture rambling.

Mars in Aquarius gives us the courage to stand up for beliefs. Stay gracious if others seem a little slow on the uptake. It’s your trip not theirs. Recognise the limits of their experience / circumstances and adjust your rhetoric accordingly. Don’t be self-righteous, righteous doesn’t need an audience 😉 The courage to walk the talk of your ideals will stir up plenty of reaction for consideration. Use the Capricorn power (Mercury, Sun, Venus and Pluto all in the sign) to slow down disruptions and turn them into solid foundations for a true,  steady and joyous 2015.

2015 readings available from January 3 in #thirroul #wollongong #sydney #skype #astrology #horoscope #xmas #holidays #capricorn #venus #mars #love #relationships #2015 #newyearsresolutions

2015 readings available from January 3 in #thirroul #wollongong #sydney #skype
Tarot and Astrology to embrace the bright New Year ahead.

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