Heart-Strong – Aries Quarter Moon

Sun rise
Open your eyes to the day! We continue to travel through this 2nd last Uranus/Pluto square pushing through a whole new level of surprising & liberating perspective. All the Capricorn/Aries action is making stuff Real & moving it on to make way for something else. We’ve had some challenging astro weather at the quarter moon in Aries. All the personal planets & those weirdos Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (the unexpected) were in a tangle bringing up the long standing stuff for another round of acceptance & integration. Based on my inbox I wasn’t the only one getting overwhelm & some final truth telling. It wasn’t all tough stuff, some of it was sweet (Venus, Sun, Mercury) if unexpected. Other stuff, intense but purgative. (Pluto, Uranus, Mars).

Rejoice my darlings! Open your eyes to the beautiful grief that brings liberation. Let old pain rest; another leaf in the book of your life rich with story. The muck coalesces to something precious. You are rich because of it. Didn’t expect that did you? Love flourishes where there is willingness to see with a sober mind and a steady heart. As we move through the last day of this part of the Long Story take time to sit and laugh at the shocking beauty of it. It’s ridiculous really, I mean wtf if going on?? Ha! Amazing. Love you fellow travellers. Stay heart-strong. Sing the heart-song. The Moon sails into Taurus in a few hours. Time to rest.
The Moon now grows to Full in about a week’s time. Use the rest of this week to take what you have discovered in the last few days and weave it together with your New Moon ideas about tradition, ambition and what family means to you.
Want to map out 2015? Turn fate into destiny using existential astro planning: comment or email seaserpentsky@gmail.com to get your personal Astro-Plan for 2015. Use the cycles of the moon and relationship planets to understand the tides of each month. Work with the tide, not against it and grow through the triumphs & challenges of 2015.

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