Happy New Year 2015 beloved readers!

ASTROLOGY FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE: 2014 Challenges & Courage To Meet Them

2014 brought many things; challenges to define ourselves, to hold our ground in the face of opposition and graciously surrender what does not serve us. The bedrock of our values was exposed, tearing away the fantasies of who we thought we were – cloud castles turn into prisons quickly. Negative self views and fantasies of who we ‘would have been only if this hadn’t happened’.. what we think we deserve (and haven’t necessarily earned)..all were torn down. You may have spent a lot of time this year howling in a heap on the floor. Thing is, you’re not still in that heap are you? And that means you made it – you did the work and a fresh New Year awaits. Escapism, turns out, no longer serves us – it had it’s time, 2014 was time to face reality. Turns out, that reality can be a gorgeous, reassuring thing when we finally summon up the courage to face it. It was time acknowledge what we are here to do and where we’d lost our way. We farewelled lovers, friendships & bonds that did not support growth despite the longings of our heart. No longer seeking to flee, we learned to direct our power. Our infinite potential began to find a channel in the limits of the definite and REAL.

We had to face the past honestly and heal by purging our histories of their sting. Purging is tough, but we held fast, trusting to the bedrock of our being we found though sting was sharp it was final. Opening our shaking hands, the long-held, calcified histories of pain and lack softened into beautiful mythos, deep coloured threads to weave into the songs of our story thus far. Sorrow becomes beauty when we are ready to let it come to rest! What a discovery!!
Your baggage holds the tools of resistance, survival and wisdom. Carry your bag of stories knowing you already have the tools you need to face whatever crosses your path ahead. Your baggage is your heritage and your story is a treasury. Be proud of the jewels you have won at great cost!
Whenever we gave love requiring return we came unstuck. Our hands opened, we learned just to let love flow outwards and through us, not from us. We’re too small to generate all the love our dear ones need from us. By breaking down, we broke through and love broke through in torrents. There was much sighing because all that work on releasing jealousy and heartbreak didn’t necessarily win us the romance, friendship, acceptance from family our heart was hungering for…but we learned a lot about what Love is actually about. Laughing (and let’s be honest, often crying at the same time) at the turns of fate we dropped into the realisation that what we wanted was threaded through all – it was there the whole time! Hilarious! The muck of our sorrow and suffering coalesced into a jewel and if you were lucky you had a few mystic moments of not even caring for the jewel anymore – a moment of comic madness and complete purity…in which to be reborn to the year ahead. 2015 brings us new friendships and landscapes to experience, carrying of course our bag of tricks – our treasury from the past. Make sure you keep digging into your baggage for the right tool. Don’t be afraid of the past, it’s helpful. Just keep your face turned towards the Sun.And now we face the end of the Old vulgar year 2014, based on no rhythm or reason that makes sense of season, flesh and bone…but it has meaning because we all take time to laugh, drink and explode gun powder for no good reason – which is quite perfectly mad and divine and typically human.We have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius and glorious Moon in Taurus exalting over all of us, bringing gracious influence. Uranus and Pluto continue to shake us up as they form the 2nd last hard aspect but we’re surging forward now, forging destiny. Grow beloveds, be loved and face your destiny with a fierce and courageous heart. Thanks for reading and supporting me in 2014, see you in the 2015 for more guidance as to how you might want to sail your astrological tides. For your 2015 reading comment or PM – astro/tarot reading 1 hour $79 via Skype or in-person Sydney/Illawarra Asha Maria(Make sure you have a little browse  under the Astrology category to review the major transits of the year or scroll down the page feed to look over the last month on my Facebook Page).

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