Full Moon – Hearth & Home

Venus by Michael Parkes

Full Moon in Cancer

The Silver Moon has entered her own kingdom and comes to fullness in hypnotic Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the Sea – deep, strong and enduring. The Sea is immense, reliable, eternal; her watery power produces all life. Cancer is the Kingdom of the Moon and so this full moon is especially precious. Intuition surges but it is belly wisdom – tempered by the instinct to guard & cherish deeply that most sacred thing – the bonds of love and kin, the temple of the Home. It’s a time to think about who you care for, how you want to support your loved ones in 2015 and where you can take practical steps to do that well.

This month’s cycle began at the New Moon in Capricorn – the limits of reality are revealed as beautiful and reassuring. The Uranus and Pluto square locked with the Sun, Venus and Mercury a few days later calling up old stories, pushing us to speak up and accept the deep pain of the past. Venus in Capricorn steadied our hearts to face difficult news/realisations – an observant heart is far more comforting than a sympathetic one. The wonderful perspective of Capricorn, is as wise as old trees, rooted in tradition and understanding that all things take time to understand. Startling revelations are best left with time to just sit until you know what you want to do (if anything).

And now the Cancer Full Moon invites us to dive deep into the well of understanding relying on our Water-wisdom to recognise our own need for rest and care, who we care for and support. Cancer is the sign of dutiful love and commitment to kin. And, of course, family for many of us is tangled, even problematic. You might have had to name your own kin, a blend of bloodline and spirit-folk, you might be kin to the waves and moonlight. But wherever you find them, kin are both our structure and a well of emotional restoration. You may have to skip back to Ancestors before you find any connection but the continuity of human striving is there.  We all need to draw from these waters and constantly feed into the source through shared bonds of love, support, care and obligation. Kin is resource. Ancestors are Roots.

So, at this first Full Moon of 2015 we turn our attention from the kinds of structures we need to live the life we want to WHY we want to build that life at all. Capricorn New Moon was about casting a vessel to hold the waters of Love, at this Full Moon I want you to think how you are going to fill it up.  The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is also about economical use of resources of all kinds – just as all material things are finite so is our emotional energy. We must wisely choose whom we love and how much care to give them – not because we are ranking people as deserving but because, when we love, we are duty bound beyond comfort and pleasure to see the thing through. Some people will drain your cup and never give anything back – it may be helpful to consider why you are still holding up your precious water for them to drink. Your obligation of love is to more than that one person, it is to many others too and yourself. Don’t waste your water.

When we know the limit we can pour our all into loving acts. The resources we have at hand may not measure up with the vastness of our ideals but fulfilling your promise is better than promising the impossible. Be honest with how much you can give and you will find everyone is a lot happier! Look to your supports and nourish them first. Hearth and home are the most sacred temple of all. The original temple tended to continuously across time; despite catastrophe, it remains. The cooking fire is holy flame and the pots and pans are cauldrons of magick. The magick of every day life; love duty-bound is holy.

Treat yourself as the ancestors would – marvel that you even exist at all. Celebrate your culture, traditions and values. Wisely surrender those things that do not serve you, direct your resources where they are received with acknowledgement. Your love is precious.

xx Asha Maria

Godess in Water




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