Arise, Phoenix Like – Uranus square Pluto


Emerge Triumphant & Make Your Vision Live. 

Uranus the Disruptor & Pluto the Transformer form tough aspect once again – let out a sigh of relief! It’s for the 2nd last time (the next time is March 2015). This aspect has brought us difficult but necessary shakeups since 2012 but the Uranus/Pluto dramas have been with us for the best part of a decade – we are ending a long-cycle. These planets bring those earthquakes that rock your depths. After a year of tumultuous events we find ourselves a little tired, a lot stronger and in awe of our survival and who we have become because of it.

We’ve been called to account on our core beliefs, the stories that frame our reality. Anything inconsistent has been put to the flame. We’ve faced challenges to the ideas we have about ourselves, our place in our Universe and the path we thought we were on.

What no longer serves us must be burned up so we can arise more gorgeous than before from the ashes of our self-delusions. What needs to die so that you may live and thrive? Whatever it is will raise it’s head again in the next few weeks to challenge you: love it for what it brought you and allow it to rest. It’s time for a new story.

Uranus in Aries gives us the energy and inventiveness to find new ways to construct reality that takes us into the future and out of the shadowy past. Uranus in Aries provokes us to find alternative and out-of-the-blue ways to take charge and assert ourselves. You’ve almost shaken the last pieces of the Old Story out. Keep what serves you, dissolve what doesn’t. Keep to your vision and burst into 2015 with a clearer vision of who you came here to be and how you can make that LIVE!

Right now the Sun is squaring off with Uranus, amplifying Pluto’s powers bringing this lesson home clearly – watch the events of your life closely right now. The old story is making itself clear. So is the call to release the old stuff, and work through a new narrative. By the end of this Moon Cycle (Jan 20) you will have walked through another huge swath of psychological territory, facing and slaying demons, releasing long standing pain, doing some truth telling and making account of yourself (most of all, to yourself – especially those on the Saturn Return journey). This round is a little easier because of the Sun in Capricorn steadying our reactions and crystallising the intense experiences out of purely theoretical territory into something we use to shape our actions and plans from here.

Most affected:
– If you have significant points or planets in Capricorn or Aries (Sun, Moon or Ascendant)
– If you have strong influences of Uranus or Pluto (These planets rule Aquarius and Pluto  are affected to a lesser degree)


If you have Capricorn Ascendant, Aquarius Moon and Aries Sun – you will feel this transit powerfully because the 3 most important parts of your chart are affected. You can discover where this will manifest in your life by understanding the house the planets are falling in. (You’ll need to have your chart drawn and interpreted – this isn’t something a daily horoscope will cover!)

If you have Pisces Ascendant, Sagittarius Moon and Taurus Sun you will be affected less significantly because the planets that create this formation are not operating directly upon your personal astrology.

When the Outer Planets like Uranus and Pluto form aspect they affect all of us, for longer, than aspects between Mars and Venus for example.

 Want to understand what the heck is going on in your chart and how you can work through the experience? Send me a message or comment below ~ Asha

Image Credit: commissioned for the Existential Astrologer

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