Saturn Square Mars – Frustrated much…?

Salome Moreua
Is it just me, or is there a treacly sense of going NOWHERE combined with a lead weight of WTF right now? Saturn – the Lord of Limits is facing off with Mars – Action. Locked between idealistic Sagittarius and dreaming, spiritual Pisces we’re feeling frustrated. Our will dissolves in weird, kinda-nothing experiences.
So, if you’re banging up against slippery circumstances while you’re trying to carve out brave new territory in your life… this is what is happening right now, you’re gonna have to roll with it. As FREAKIN’ ANNOYING as it is, whatever you DO manage to get done holds and will pay off for some time. Saturn is a tough, limiting, serious guy; we can’t skate by on magickal whims and charm right now. But…he respects effort, perseverance and grim determination. As for Mars – the Soldier – playing mystic in Pisces – well maybe you might have to test any rigid philosophical ideas against profound spiritual values if you want to get anything done at the moment. Go back to that Soul and use the tough Saturn lessons to steel your will, even if your heart feels mushy. Things loosen up as we move into the New Moon next week, but till then hold fast to what you know to be Real and True and Timeless – even if you’re feeling quite overwhelmed.
Love you, Asha

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