Tarot Reading for Today – Decide!


2 Card Trick
1. 3 of Wands (Sun in Aries)
2. The Emperor (Aries)
Making a decision isn’t about the other person. It’s about whether the path you need to take to individuate, to become yourself, runs alongside theirs. You can wait tossing between what ifs or you can accept what’s really going on. You are hesitating on the precipice of personal responsibilty. The kind of independence that frees us, fills us with shining vigour. Thing about seizing your fate is you can’t blame anyone else when things don’t pan out as planned. You have to trust you can do it alone – if need be. What would happen if you stepped into your life without needing to justify your choice later down the track by proving you got it “right” or it “worked out”? Courage is about seeing what you need to do and acting. I’m not talking about rushing at stuff headlong…that kinda “determination” is ego first not self first. It won’t stand the first battle.

Instead, step forth with courage and be honest about your limits. Work on those, recruit comrades when you need help. Marshall your disparate impulses as the Emperor does his army. Know how to set yourself to work in all your different modes and you will become master of yourself. Wait for no one but recognise that even Emperors need to make alliances to keep prospering. Don’t make those alliances if you can’t honour the bonds of obligation.

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