New Moon in Aquarius – What’s Your Vision?

The tough Capricorn Moon cycle is done, as the Moon floats through the last degrees of the Goat weave together the story of your month, reflect, release & rejoice. Respect the work done. Remember that what you did achieve will generate power as the disruptive Uranus/Pluto square and restricting Saturn/Mars Square soften over the next few weeks.

That was CAPRICORN. Now we are in Aquarius. And Aquarius is all about the visionary, the original and dynamic creativity. Ohhhh yes. This is the month to dream big. Investigate your perspective from all sorts of odd angles and confidently present your brilliance to the world. You may just discover a significant piece of your unique vision this month if you do the work.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer – what water do you bring to humanity?
What is unique about you that the rest of us can benefit from?
How can you share that?
How can you be truthful to your individual purpose & benefit the collective – which we all belong to?

Aquarius is weird, kooky and brilliant. All month the rest of you get to feel as wild as we Aquas do EVERY SINGLE DAY. And the Aquarians in your life are more scintillating than usual. You may want to frame that sentence as ‘the Aquarians in my life are behaving worse than usual.” Face it, without us things would be so boring. As if things couldn’t get any weirder, it’s a Mercury retrograde month. The Mercury retro  – which normally brings all sorts of confusion – is in the sign of the bizarre, creative and often confusing Aquarius (there’ll be more on this in the next few days). Aquarius is only confusing if you judge events from a value system grounded in tradition or habit. The same goes for the Mercury retrograde. If you surrender expectation, if you remain open to the unexpected you can use Mercury retrograde periods to discover much about yourself. It’s gonna be odd, unpredictable, possibly funny & likely to just be really quite weird. That is the nature of Aquarius.

Venus kisses Mercury before he spins backwards blessing this transit with some delightful, quirky and helpful discoveries. Venus blesses all she touches with a bit of sweetness. She also keeps all this Aquarian energy a little warmer and sociable. (Aquarius can be a bit aloof). Friendships that have been in tricky territory for a while sweeten. It’s just easier to understand each other’s perspective objectively and accept that, though you might not be connecting well right now, the bonds of brotherhood bind you and that kind of love perseveres. The higher perspective is always in sight and we tend to take a positive spin on our interactions with our beloveds.

Beautiful connections that blossom now will form into unconventional relationships. If it seems unconventional that’s coz you’re in the old world. They’re the new convention you just haven’t tuned in yet.  Others may not ‘get’ it but the people concerned do get it. They are also not interested in justifying themselves to convention, so I wouldn’t try getting explanations unless you want some very convoluted & existential. Be an Aqua instead – just for the month – and consider how a different way of dong things can improve your communication and connection with your dear ones.

The tense aspects with Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Mars don’t melt away entirely. But the Aquarian refusal to play by any established rules but one’s own helps us to find innovative solution. There’s long standing stuff that these planets have been forcing us to face & accept if we want to move forward from where we don’t want to be (Saturn/mars) by forcing us to transform & do something new (Pluto/Uranus). There is still a little work to do before these challenges come to rest. This final phase of the decade-long Uranus/Pluto standoff calls for creative thinking and perspective. You might not have ended up where you expected. But where you stand is a lot more exciting & dynamic than it would have been if it wasn’t for all the earthquakes/chaos/walks through the Underowlrd. Doesn’t mean it’s not scary or exhausting, but at least it’s constantly interesting. (for more on the Uranus/Pluto transits – click here )

Comment, question, let me know how you’re travelling
x Asha

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