Daily Tarot Reading – Know Thyself

temperance justice asha maria

2 Card Trick – Your Daily Tarot Reading
We are all seeking meaning, to understand ourselves. It’s hard work clearing away the muck to get to the gold within. It takes time to work out what you really believe and how you want to live. To separate your deepest understanding from automatic reactions created by family culture, education, social norms & your temperament takes courage and patience; and it takes time. This process is Alchemy. We take what we have, work with it, test it, form theories of reality from it. If we persevere in our study of life, something – greater than the sum of its parts – crystallises into form. We get a glimpse into our essence. We get closer to truth. Take this essence and use it. It is the “key” to who you are and the next step on your journey.

A little while along in our search we need to step back and make decisions from a cool place, a place of wisdom. Take a considered look at the tension between what you once were and what you now know about yourself. Consider where these 2 perspectives support growth. Acknowledge where the 2 “selves” clash, either manifesting as conflict with self (indecisiveness) or conflict with others (arguments & emotional turbulence). Take your time and find the point at which the scales stop moving. Then you must act or your work remains a theory, an idea paralysed by indecision. You must act wisely and as fairly as you can but you must be clear on your views & intentions from here on. The law isn’t sweet or comforting but it is just. You must be true to your own law even if it means leaving behind what is familiar and comfortable. Thinking for yourself brings freedom. And ultimately, truth.
1. Temperance (Sagittarius – Philosophy)
2. Justice (Libra – Clarity)

Drop in for a reading this week Thursday @ Lotus Wellbeing Centre
103 Crown St, Wollongong
(02) 4226 4740
or inbox me to book a time in Thirroul

if you are far, far away there’s always Skype
Image my own, from the Rider Waite Tarot

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