Daily Tarot Reading – Let it Be

4 cups Ace wands Asha Maria free daily tarot reading
2 Card Trick: Your Daily Tarot Reading
1. 4 of Cups – “Ennui”: It’s easy to dwell upon emotional problems. Today we dream and brood & refuse to enter the fray of life. Fair enough, it’s the weekend and also the Moon is in Pisces. It’s not surprising we feel like we’re in tepid water and would rather pull the blankets over our until we panic about our responsibilities. Today is not the time to explore those anxieties. Sit back, let your psyche do its thing. Respect the process of the wyrd, observe the feelings. Try not to get pulled in. There’s a time to just let stuff swirl around you. You can’t do the dynamic personal growth everyday.

2. Ace of Batons: “Chute” – A jolt, drop.
If you can surrender the reins you can drop through the stuff quickly. Yep, let that sh*t go and guess what…it goes. The ego – what we think we should do – always mucks everything up! Your rational mind is good at certain things. Sitting with those really bodily emotions is not one of them. Turn your face to the sun, allow the moody stuff to simmer away as long as needed. Use the dreaming energy to paint or draw, do gentle tasks…allow things to be. You don’t have to know. We are all in a process of unfolding. We don’t ever really know what the heck is going on. And really, we are so much wiser when we wait and observe, following the strange turnings of our own being.


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