Leo Full Moon: You are Royal


The Moon shines full and beautiful in the sign of the Lavish Lion. We all feel  little lion like, proud, generous and willing to be loud about what we feel. Love planets Venus and Mars are in Pisces and Mercury is retrograde right next to the Sun. We have some curious, romantic, desiring energy. We have confidence and courage – and although the Full Moon is snuggling up to Jupiter – who makes things bigger and louder too – his retrograde motion means everything is OUT THERE and also, just maybe, putting it out there will lead to something REAL being established. Uranus – Lord of Chaos – supports this Full Moon too – if you are cooking up any escapades that are outside the norm get it done NOW while you can get away with it 😉

Whatever you begin at the New Moon is revealed – in all it’s glory – at the Full Moon. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 20th had you thinking about your big picture – what the heck you’re doing it all for. The Full Moon gives us the courage and Lion confidence to establish your personal Kingdom. Be excited! Be joyous! Even if life is all looking very messy, if you’re ringing like a string with all this “doing it my way and screw convention” vibes (especially your own conventions!) You have worked out a few more clues as to the whole ‘life purpose’ thing and find yourself drawing up to full height and strutting through your existence – or getting better at faking it, which is the same thing. Ask anyone you think is confident whether they agree. They’re faking it. Even the Scorpios.

If you’re keyed up with this joyous, romping Leo power and romantic Venus intoxication, mystical Mars/Neptune twists and turns and Mercury Retrograde turning it all on it’s head in Aquarius…just let it fill you up. You won’t burst! This energy is essential, You are bringing in a new reign for yourself. It’s going to feel thrilling and weird, it will both exhilarate and overwhelm you.

2014 was all about ripping apart what doesn’t work, getting to the raw stuff – it was painful, often distressing but we laid solid foundations for profound change. We’ve almost finished that cycle – and what’s more important is that we’ve gotten a lot better at dealing with intense pain and remaining joyous, face to the sun – in the midst of it. We are starting to build, at last, but we must stay connected to the Reason we want to build anything in the first place.

Remember this month’s cycle is about Aquarius, the Water Bearer –  How do you serve the higher purpose? The first 2 weeks of the month we came face to face with this. To discover what you want to share, your unique wisdom and ability, you must return to your core and celebrate what you are. You can’t change your essence. Don’t even try. You’ll just end up conflicted, neurotic and unfulfilled. (Ahem.) Your own growth is  a revolutionary act. It is a critical part of bringing about the change you want to see in the world. The clearer you are on WHO you are, the brighter the world gets.

You are a glory. You must shine and revel in your power. Find your Domain and rule it. Claim it, it is your birthright. Be generous with your gifts and your love. Remember you are royal – those gifts, that love is a privilege.  Do not be weak – do not surrender your kingdom, do not allow a tyrant to rule in Your place.  Leo is the Sign of this Full Moon. And Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun symbolises life, light, love and your true Self. This Full Moon shake out your mane, revel in your purpose. Hold to your path with dignity ready to roar at those who would usurp your power, romp and play with those making their own royal road.

Much Love – !!!

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