Daily Tarot Reading – Division & Joy

Your Daily Tarot Reading | Asha Maria
Division & Unity of Joy
The 9 of Swords is called Division. Our thoughts – which we think create clarity – become so numerous instead of cutting through the cr*p they start to tear us apart. It’s the circling thoughts that keep you awake at night – the mind insisting it has worked it out and the only possible interpretation is disaster, pain, division! But division – as all the mystics have been trying to tell us -is the Illusion here. You don’t need to find reasons and justifications for those worries or even predict the outcome of current challenges because reasons.

The 9 of Cups reminds us of the unity of all things. This is the divine laughter, the mad cackle when all that worry and anguish is shown to have been self inflicted because everything turns out just fine. You might not get what you want or an easy ride to your destination – either way there is joy to be found if we can just sit back, pour a drink (or tea or protein shake it’s your call, no judgement) and laugh. Most of all at Fear. Screw you fear! You waste my time, divide me from my beloveds and fold me in illusion. You also steal my rest. Instead I’m laughing. If I haven’t got something sweet to drink from right now, I’ll drink from a sweet memory or my vision of the future. If all else fails, I drink to my courage because that’s all I need to get past this onto the next thing.

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Deck: Ancient Italian Tarot by LoScarabeo





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