Moon in Scorpio -Claim Your Power

The Moon sails into deep Scorpio tonight – heightening our sensitivity, bringing deep feeling rushing up to the surface – tearing away superficialities, we face what has really been brewing for the last 21 days of this month. Get ready to speak out about the events of the last 3 weeks as Mercury turns his face forward after muddling around in retrograde motion since the New Moon on January 20.  Mars with his lover, Venus are still deep in the mystic seas of Pisces – love is feeling magical, fated, tragic or celestial but definitely not pedestrian or mundane. Things are a little ethereal, strange and liable to be emotionally unpredictable & passionate.

The Last Quarter Moon always brings a crisis – Mercury is speaking again, and he’s almost intelligible – watch that you speak your mind, don’t react and reveal your hand to soon! The Pisces influence means our actions hint at far deeper motivations shaped by our longing – we are sighing and pining, longing and dreaming. There is a definite sense of magickal charm mixed with a vision so ‘out there’ you might just pull it off.  Last week’s heady Leo Full Moon energy is settling into something powerful and transformative. The forces moving through the night tear away illusion – while magic & dreams ride high. We are ready to speak, motivated by our deepest yearnings and determined to face whatever comes out of our New Moon plans.  By the Full Moon we began to reconnect with who we are, our purpose as an individual within our community. Now Scorpio brings us to the Last week of this month with the Final Quarter, we have 7 days left to take a stand for our vision  and transform ourselves – so that we are strong enough to carry it forward and make it live.

Tear away what doesn’t work – but look to yourself first. It is one thing to dream of a better world. But to make that future real you need to LIVE the experience. We have to transform ourselves with integrity and unflinching commitment to the purpose we have claimed. We must pursue the dream with fierce courage that does not yield at obstacles or sulk when others do not applaud us for our efforts. Agitating for change is agitating to those who would rather everyone behave as they should.

This month we began as the Aquarius – with the vision for humanity, not caring what the mainstream thinks & devoted to the benefit of all. By the first quarter moon we became Taurus – secure in the ability to take care of ourselves and endure, with strength we persevered challenges, plodding to the Full Moon in Leo.  The Full Moon brought us the Lion  confidence, our vision revealed itself as a Kingdom to claim by Sovereign right.  Now Scorpio integrity tears away anything or anyone who dares cross our path as we drive towards our highest purpose.

Act with unflinching courage!
Your integrity is your truth – not ideology

The only security is your authenticity,
Find your purpose and claim your Kingdom.
Through fierce devotion to the vision you are crowned with Power

 Aquarius : Visionary Perspective
Taurus: Strength & Perseverance
Leo: Courage & Leadership
Scorpio: Integrity & Fierce Determination

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