Love Forecast: Venus & Mars in Pisces


The Lovers, Mars & Venus are romancing in Pisces and Mercury is direct after 3 weeks of retrograde. This month we’ve thought over the wounds that love has made and how they have shaped us. The wounds reveal a lack of faith in ourselves, a lack of understanding of what we need, or failure to understand our limits to give. Farewell old flames that leave you sighing & embrace the love around you with renewed devotion. Love right now doesn’t make much sense or conform to standard categories. Just drink it in without trying to structure the experience, have faith. Dive in and be covered by grace – allowing yourself to surrender your grief as much as your desire. As the Moon fades to dark we let go of that which doesn’t serve our highest purpose. This is Soul Love; romance is only the edge of true devotion. It blesses our friendships, romances & family relationships: bringing healing, forgiveness & surrender. Pull them close, let them know. Commit to the Principle of Loving Devotion, renew your bonds of Love. The New Moon in Pisces later in the week blesses our whole month with soulfulness. We’ll be looking at the vision that we claimed this month and weaving in our deeper spiritual purpose.

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