A Strange New Moon: Waking Dreamer

Holy Mountain the Adepts

Is the New Moon in Pisces or the last minute of Aquarius? It’s not really clear cut, which is exactly how it feels right now as we head into the New Moon Cycle. There’s a vague tide of potential swirling around us, tugging gently in many directions. We’re still processing the realisations the recent Mercury retrograde brought us – things are still turning the right way up so if you haven’t got a clear picture on exactly what this Great Work of yours is, just let it come. (You still have to keep working on the Plan in the meantime.) The tide is changing from Aquarius to Pisces, it’s almost like we get a replay of last month’s cycle. Given that Mercury was confusing everyone while he was in retrograde it’s rather nice that we get to do things properly for once instead of being sped onto the next big astrological event…

Aquarius New Moon cycles call us to consider what it is that we bring to our communities. We’re doing the Aquarius story again, with a touch of Piscean connection to the Infinite. We’ve just had a month of reflection, double-checking we can actually do what we often speak about so convincingly; that our idea of community stacks up with who we think we are, what we do, who we want to be and whatever we need to burn away in order to make that vision real. (Read here, here and here for more on last month). Now we do it again but act on what we discovered, we go outward. The Piscean influences help us to be gentler about it – nothing quite like the finger-burning of last month to temper our ideology & Aquarian radicalism.

This odd Black Moon* month will allow us to develop those revolutionary ideals brewing last month and weave it in with our highest spiritual perspective (Pisces). Just who are we when we face the Universe? How does the ideology fit with the unseen motives behind our actions? The secret mysteries of our psyche are only rarely glimpsed, yet they frame absolutely everything in who we are, as individuals & as a group. As we move through the four Moon phases over the next 4 weeks we’ll learn to  communicate our knowledge effectively, then at the Full Moon it’s time to reorganise ourselves and our lives to fit with our renewed vision. The Last Quarter Moon challenging us to risk all to find what we seek.

wonder and superman
Mars and Venus in Aries

Love & Connection

You are not responsible for sentimental outpourings right now – blame Venus & Mars. We’re all a little love-struck. The romantic longing of this time has been intense but with Mercury direct illusions are broken. We don’t lose the devotion to the Ideal, we lose a bit of the delusional idealism. Valentine’s Day was really messed up and confusing, more than usual, for this reason. Mercury had just turned direct, so our misty few weeks evaporated abruptly as words we were waiting for weren’t quite what we expected.

Whenever these moods strike us, it’s always worthwhile to check that you do not deny yourself in your devotions, worshiping idols who are wooden & unresponsive.  That’s not love. That’s avoiding love by loving someone so manifestly unsuitable you’ll never really have to grow because you’re to drunk on passion to connect with anyone else authentically in the meantime.

It is always worthwhile to ask oneself: “Does my drunken love-madness show intoxication with the Universal Love?” If yes, you will survive this round spiritually chastened but wiser, deepened by the experience of love – requited or otherwise. Was your love on the plane of the obsessively personal? Then you were probably love drunk and you will get the psycho-spiritual hangover, that is all. Make meaning from it. It’s all you’ve got right now. (In fact, option one may really be just a coping mechanism developed to deal with the second option.)

By the end of the week the moonstruck vibes melt away in the fierce heat kindled by the Mars and Venus racing into Aries – all the sweet vagaries turn into action. Mercury direct provokes us to speak bluntly and act upon what we feel. Communication & emotional life kicks forward, racing upwards & outwards. The general theme of the month remains Piscean focused on vision, dream and devotion. As you find your voice and may you also find your courage. Get up from the bed, strap on your boots and go make a new beginning. If you’ve got some heartbreak you need to shake out of your hair turn your face resolutely toward the path ahead and stride into the fray.

Happy New Moon!

Love Asha Maria

new moon

The Moon phases for this month are:

New Moon in Aqaurius
First Quarter, February 27: Gemini – communicate, discover and share
Full Moon, March 6th: Virgo: Consider, organise and define
Last Quarter, March 13th – Sagittarius: Seek the goal, willing to risk the comfortable for the true.

*(This is called a Super Black Moon – which just means the moon is at it’s perigree and the second Dark Moon of the Month – quite rare.)

2 thoughts on “A Strange New Moon: Waking Dreamer

  1. As a ‘moon child’ I often find insight to what you write. You’ve become something like my psyche’s mentor. Thank you. Knowing when to act and when to patiently nurture seems to be the way of the stars; and it is this insight you provide, if we have the courage to embrace this.

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