Virgo Full Moon: Stillness in the Midst of The Flames

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The Moon is now Full in Virgo in the midst of one of the most intense Astrological tides of 2015, we are about to be liberated of an issue that has been biting at us on and off for 7 years. Saturn is retrograde, limits unravel and the effect of Uranus in Aries (unexpected action) means that quite possibly anything could happen right now. By the Virgo Moon light  we see & face the reality of what is around us, we return to perspectives and experiences from about September last year (Grande Fire Trine I – Review Here). There is a faint tiredness and anxiety, but with the knowledge a kind of gentle peace. And that’s just as well because we are in the midst of a fierce upswirling of “beginning” energy. It time to look over a significant slice of the past and just, exhale.

Oh the past is dragging at your feet, those old shadows seem to be flickering across the path ahead of you, but this is just the final phase of your farewell to that same OLD STORY. We are finally, FINALLY, at the end of a seven year long cycle of Pluto/Uranus Squares (read here). Is it possible? Could it really be done? Are we ready for it to be done? Or are we going to allow this long running clash of crisis, chaos and revolution that has shaped a good part of the last decade take form over our psyche? Especially if you are under 30, this cycle of Pluto/Uranus stuff seems like normal adult life. It doesn’t have to have a continuity. You don’t have to carry the Pluto/Uranus burden into the next phase. You will carry the experience of having your world shattered violently, repeatedly and liberation from everything you thought you were and knew about reality.

Take this Full Moon and the sense of sorrow, the glimpse of a free future, passion & dizziness and just sit down. Don’t think it over, don’t talk it over. It just gets more tangled and complicated. We desire order to feel safe (Virgo) but there is no fixed point. Saturn – reality & limit – is absent, retrograde. The gentle influence of Jupiter is absent – instead things are just bigger, without the buffer of lovely luck. Uranus has stolen the show, bolts from the Wyrd arrive – from the place we least expect, bringing back the old challenges in a strange form. We are taken by surprise but in the midst of this electrifying chaos there is also infinite creative potential.  The air is dizzy with different threads of fate. Don’t get tangled. Observe. Analyse. Economise. Wait until you have all the information you need – we are mid way through this moon phase, the story of this month has not played out yet. We are also heading towards a lunar eclipse in Aries – lunar eclipses reveal the hidden suddenly, bringing crisis and resolution.

There is no need to jump to conclusions. What pattern can you see in your feelings? Which part of you endures even in the midst of the whirl of surprises and experiences? Find that detail and use that pattern to discover the order, the continuity in your experience. Therein is the truth, the whirling flames are not the truth. They are FORCE and when they have done their work you will see clearly what endures – impurities will be eliminated by the furnace of your Intent. The conscious mind struggles to determine what is authentic to the Sovereign Self – the part of you that is royal, that endures throughout our lives. Our Intent carries us into circumstances & relationships that will help us return home to who we are. Sometimes this is through the leaping up of joy or the searing transformation of pain.

Chaos can draw us into the old stories and distress.  But nothing is at it seems. This is trickster energy, chaos in the sign of the very beginning of things – Aries. The Grande Trine between Jupiter in Leo (bigger, loud & dramatic) and Uranus in Aries (chaotic activity) opens and activates as we approach eclipse in Aries (closing off an Aries/Libra eclipse cycle) about relationship boundaries vs individual sovereignty. Venus adds her charm to Uranus but for those of you in romantic love right now, she also brings some unsettling and over the top responses to your beloved/s. Venus continues past and Mars (action) moves in on March 10 – our strength surges back, we will want to push all this to it’s final conclusion. Don’t. All you have right now is the awareness of what you don’t like, what makes you uncomfortable, what doesn’t fit (Virgo) after a long period of repeated upheavals. If you do act take care you know what you are doing because it’s very easy right now to overreact, overestimate & blast through people & opportunities for the heck of it. And if you do have to act, commit fully and don’t look back. You have a barrier to leap. If you hesitate you will just hit it – again!

The light of this Full Moon brings clarity – where we need to create order & stillness in our lives so we don’t get side-tracked by excess: excess of work, love, involvement (where the Full Moon shows her lesson depends on your personal chart). As the bigger stories of our lives are shaken to pieces and we are liberated from our prisons remember the still Observer within. You are seated and steady in the midst of it all.

Though all around you is shifting and changing there is no need for control. You endure, you remain though external conditions change.

maria virgo 1915

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